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Homelessness in the United States has Reached its Highest Level Since Tracking Began in 2007


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Ridgewood NJ, the prevalence of homelessness in the United States has reached its highest level since the inception of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) tracking in 2007, with a record-breaking 653,104 individuals experiencing homelessness during the latest annual count.

HUD’s recent snapshot data, captured on a single night each year within the last 10 days of January, portrays a comprehensive yet disheartening overview of America’s homelessness crisis, witnessing a surge of over 12% since 2022.

Homeless at Ridgewood Train Station

The count of individuals facing unsheltered homelessness—those residing on sidewalks, in abandoned buildings, bus stations, etc.—escalated by approximately 47,000 compared to the previous year. Simultaneously, the number of individuals seeking refuge in emergency shelters, transitional housing programs, or safe havens increased by 23,000 during the same period.

The surge in homelessness has affected every demographic group monitored by HUD, encompassing families, veterans, the youth, and the elderly. Various factors contribute to this widespread escalation, including the termination of Covid-era assistance packages and programs. Additionally, experts point to substantial nationwide rent hikes, with shelter costs surging by more than 20% since the onset of the pandemic, as a significant driver behind the across-the-board increase in homelessness.

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