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House Remodeling Tips: How to Pull Off the Minimalist Look


Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or you’re thinking it’s time to change things around your old house, home remodeling is one of the most challenging tasks. For starters, it’s a project  that requires proper planning and getting the funds together. Since you’re working towards minimal design, you can expect a lot of unnecessary things to be handled, and you need an ally like the EWM dumpster rental beaver county on your side to collect all the trash and debris. Most importantly. Most importantly, you’ll need to come up with ideas on the design, look, and feel you want to end up with. On this note, the minimalist look has been growing increasingly popular over the past few years. Among other benefits, it’s more calming and less stressful, especially since it’s hard for a minimalist interior to get cluttered. Additionally, a minimalist interior look is more appealing, considering that it’s all about beautiful color, functional storage fixtures, amazing art, and furniture. What’s more, this design makes it easier to keep your home clean and well-organized. We can go on and on about the benefits of a minimalist look, but how exactly do you go about creating one when remodeling your house?

Here are a few house remodeling tips you can borrow when creating a minimalist look.

1. Hire a Remodeling Pro

Before we proceed to tips that even a DIY homeowner can use to achieve this look when remodeling their homes, it’s important to note that home remodeling can be a very daunting task. This is especially the case if your home has a complex design that may require breaking down some parts of the structure of rooms such as the kitchen to make way for minimalism. If you’re looking to transform your home by bringing your kitchen design idea to life, the folks at Foley Homes say that all you need is a good kitchen remodeling pro to make it happen. It’s all about thinking about what you need, researching, and having a plan in mind as the rest is handled by remodeling experts so you don’t have to sweat much over it. Home remodeling is time consuming and involves a lot of moving parts so you should engage experts like .

2. Go for Neutral Colors

As far as minimalism is concerned, shades of neutral colors such as whites and grays take the day. They create a simple, clean, and beautiful look that ignites a calm and welcoming feeling. However, you can always branch out in some areas with warmer shades so your interior doesn’t feel so stark or boring. One common trick that works almost all the time is to vary a few neutral shades, say in the ratio of 6:3:1. This keeps things a bit exciting without breaking from the minimalist look.

3. Wood Is Good

Even as you strive to create a striking design and plan for your new remodeled house, furniture is one of the most important points of focus in minimalist spaces. This is because the main idea is to promote a functional yet calm and welcoming atmosphere. But if you guessed right, nothing is more effective at creating a welcoming look and feel in your home than wood. Before you strive to add a few beautiful pieces of wooden furniture such as a coffee table and a few wooden chairs, installing wooden flooring, especially in your living room can be an amazing way to acquire this look! Anne Quinn Furniture has some amazing solid wood tables and other furniture for your home if you live in Canada.

5. Innocuous Storage

Again, the function is the king as far as creating a minimalist look is concerned. One trick in the book is to add function using hidden storage so you can minimize clutter while maximizing space as much as possible. There are various ways to incorporate hidden storage fixtures, including pull-out options, racks behind closed doors, stackable options, and organizational systems. The idea is to go for storage options that keep your space as neat and organized as possible. For your bedroom, you can even consider under-the-bed storage or a built-in wardrobe.

6. Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors have a way of making a space look bigger and more appealing. This means that for your minimalist look during remodeling, adding some wall mirrors as decorations can go a long way. Apart from installing one on the wall, there are various ways you can use mirrors as a design element for a minimalist look, including suspending one over your kitchen counter, installing one behind closet doors, tile-surrounded mirrors, and much more. It’s all about how you envision it, adding function, and enhancing your interior’s appeal.You can make your bedroom or living space stylish with glass closet doors as well.

Finally, you may also want to ditch fixed cabinet handles and instead go for hidden handles or push-to-open fittings. All in all, the minimalist look is a favorite for many homeowners these days and a large number of home remodelers are opting for minimalism when changing their interior design. With the above few tips, creating a minimalist look for your home shouldn’t be so hard.


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  1. I hate the minimalist look. It doesn’t work in 95% of the houses in Ridgewood.

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