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How Handcrafted Home Decor Items Can Make Your House Instagram Perfect for Shoot

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We live in a world where almost everything, including our home decor items, is mass-produced. The production process of these consumes large amounts of energy and water while also contributing to environmental pollution. As consumers, we should be more responsible and socially conscious. Choosing to use handcrafted home decor products is a great way to move towards a more sustainable future. 

Along with this, Instagram has taken over the world, and sharing your home decor ideas through this platform is something many of us love to do. There are many other home decor Instagram profiles from whom you can take little inspiration ideas. Here we are sharing how handmade home decor products can make you stand out from the crowd.

Handcrafted means sustainable

Mass production usually means that the producers have to reduce the cost of production down the line. It encourages bulk buying, sourcing low-priced materials, and engaging in cheap labor. That is what allows big companies to make profits even while selling their products at a low price. In reality, their profit margins are enormous. 

So, when you think that the $5 flower vase is a bargain, it is not. What you are not seeing are the hidden environmental and social costs. On the other hand, handmade products result from the craftsmanship and hard work of skilled artists. These are from locally sourced organic and sometimes recycled materials that are eco-friendly.

Handcrafted products can never be just a fad

The reigning trends usually inspire mass-produced home decor products in home decor. That means that product will look good on your wall or table only till it is still in trend. For instance, currently, home decor with metallic accents is trending, which has led to the sudden rise of such items in the market, both cheap and expensive. 

However, after a year or two, when that trend will fade away, your metallic rose gold frame will no longer look appealing. On the other hand, handmade products are fruits of the artists’ creativity and sometimes even their local traditions and cultures. Therefore, they can easily last you forever and never “go out of style.”

Handcrafted is unique

Handmade things always have some variations. No two things, not even the best handmade home decor items, are precisely similar. For instance, two ceramic pots of the same style made by the same craftsman will be different in some way, either in texture or color. One may have a small dent, while one may not. You can be sure that every handcrafted product you buy will be one of a kind, which is sadly not the case in mass production. Big companies produce hundreds of pieces of the same thing, and they lack uniqueness or individuality. 

You will be able to get views on your Instagram stories instantly with such decor. Your Instagram profile will go viral in no time, with hundreds of people following you immediately. 

Handmade Small mats and rugs

Mats and rugs are one of the most overlooked but essential home decor accessories that you must have. Most people spend a considerable amount of time finding the perfect area rug for their living room or bedroom, but small rugs and mats are also a significant part of creating a stylish space.

These small additions can create a genuinely understated comfort level, whether it is as simple as a welcome at the front door or a stylish bath mat. It can add dimension and visual interest to the beauty of your space and create a welcoming home.


Similar to wall art, mirrors also help increase the aesthetic appeal of any space. That is because they are quite practical and beautiful, and so, they are perfectly capable of transforming the feel of a hallway, entry, bathroom, or even a bedroom, based on its shape, frame, and size. Along with this, you get added benefit by adding a mirror to your home decor as when the frame is entirely handmade.

Handmade trendy cushions

They look like small pillows and come in different sizes, which you can put on your couch or sofa for more relaxation. You can also pair their shades with the wall or your sofa. However, it is always better to choose them in bright colors as they give the atmosphere a fantastic factor. For example, if your sofa is five-seater and in a light color, choose five cushions in different colors such as red, yellow, blue, etc. Doing this can help give your space a vivid look. 

Home decor over an Instagram page is the perfect combination to get recognition over the digital space. With the help of an Instagram profile and your perfect home decor ideas, you will be able to read millions in no time. 


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