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How to Appeal to Health-Oriented Customers

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The modern trend has changed so that these days consumers are leaning towards healthy lifestyles more than ever before. Consumers’ eating habits and expectations have greatly changed as people are becoming more aware of health concerns and how to sustain their wellbeing. With more time being spent eating out or ordering in than cooking at home, the demand for healthy food options has become greater for both consumers and businesses. Businesses are making efforts to reach out to health-oriented customers in various ways, from adding healthier items to their menus to creating specific businesses that serve only health-focused products. 

This article is a guide to 4 new business ideas to appeal to health-oriented customers. 

1. Wholesale Matcha Store

It doesn’t take a foodie or a health enthusiast to recognize the growing trend of matcha on social media sites, restaurant menus, retail stores and lifestyle magazines. There are various reasons why matcha has become one of the fastest growing food and supplement trends. One idea for business owners to reach out to health-oriented customers is a wholesale matcha store which will enable customers to buy matcha in bulk to make their own products. Matcha can help to boost our metabolisms and immune systems, as well as aiding our weight management efforts and positively impacting our overall health. Matcha can be added to a large number of dishes and drinks, such as lattes, ice cream, tea and cakes. 

2. Organic Fruit and Vegetable Delivery Business

As consumers are looking for new ways to live a healthier lifestyle, their food choices and their purchasing behaviour is also changing. Not only are consumers now more tech-savvy, they have become more conscious about their buying habits. Other than having clear labels with nutritional details, food is usually now required to have full disclosures of where they came from, how they are grown and whether any harmful chemicals were involved. Therefore, organic products are now gaining more and more popularity as consumers are paying more attention to their health as well as their impact on the environment. 

Organic products not only contain no pesticides, they are also fresher and have a significantly gentler effect on the environment. With today’s consumers gaining more awareness of the negative health impacts of GMO products as well as the extent that unsustainable farming methods can greatly damage the environment, there is a strong and growing demand for sustainable and health-oriented food products. Selling organic fruits and vegetables is a great start for businesses to capture this growing demand, in which a delivery system could be offered to customers to make it super convenient for them to have fresh produce every day delivered right to their home.    

3. Herbalist Business

Medical herbalists use plants that have been shown by science to have certain medicinal or therapeutic properties. These plants come from traditional forms of medicine but their beneficial properties have been corroborated using modern scientific studies and clinical trials. These days, many people are looking to move away from modern chemicals and medicines because they are worried about the unknown side effects and the damage to the environment. Becoming a herbalist is one great way of helping people and creating a new successful career. Herbalists need a Bachelor of Science in Herbal Medicine as well as additional qualifications with regard to plants and medical diagnostics.

4. Healthy Ready Meals

With our modern and busy lives, people have less time to prepare home-cooked meals. These days, most people eat out or order food far more than they cook at home. Cooking at home requires time to shop for groceries, further time to prepare the ingredients and then even more time to cook. Because of these time restrictions, many people choose to eat less healthy meals at fast food restaurants or opt for quick delivery choices such as pizzas or takeaways. By creating a new healthy ready meal business, the problem of eating healthy whilst also saving time can be easily solved. 

Healthy meals have less sugar, less salt and less fat whilst at the same time contain lots of fibre, whole grains and protein. Based on the current health trends, healthy ready meals are a really exciting business prospect.  

As consumers are becoming more health conscious and are increasingly aware of what they are purchasing and incorporating into their daily diets, there is a great opportunity for new businesses to fill the gaps in the healthy product and service markets. The most important thing is to follow the newest health trends and try to identify exactly what modern consumers are looking for. Try out the ideas in this article and see if there is the opportunity for a new business.

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