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How To Find Singles With Local Dating Sites

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Let’s be honest, there’s a ton of dating websites out there. From paid dating sites, to free dating sites, you have a plethora to choose from. Some of the best dating sites are Bumble, Tinder, Match, e-Harmony, OkCupid, Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel, and Elite Singles. 

More and more dating sites are being created with some even being geared towards a specific crowd and personality type. All in all, dating sites are a great way to meet people, especially for those who are busy with every day life or people who don’t meet many people in general. 

It can get overwhelming trying to figure out which site best fits you and your goals. Whether it be a hook up, a long term relationship, or marriage, you’ll learn how to find singles through local dating sites here.

Profile Creation

Creating a profile can feel overwhelming and maybe even a little tedious. If you’re struggling to figure out what to write on your profile, look at other profiles! Take some tips and pointers from other members, but remember to make your profile your own. 

Talk about yourself in a positive tone. Think of it like this: future employers could possibly come across your profile, and you wouldn’t want them to see you in a negative light, right? So stay positive! One of the best tips I can give about creating your profile is the profile photo is a big key in getting people interested. 

Find a photo that grabs someone’s attention. Most times, regular selfies don’t grab many people’s attention. Find a photo, or even have someone take a photo of you doing something you love. Whether it be gardening, biking, swimming, or even just reading a book on the couch. 

Let people know who you are. Having a photo of you doing something that really interests you will almost always get more matches. Create a profile that screams YOU. All your interests, hobbies, love, dislikes, all of it. Let people get to know who you are, and who you aren’t. You’re more likely to get matches if you go into detail about your personality and lifestyle.

Local Dating Tips

Want to know how to find local singles through dating sites? Easy! Just put in your location and start searching. Most sites provide up to a 100 mile radius, but you can put it to as little as a 25 mile radius. 

Let’s face it, nobody wants to hit it off with someone, set up a date, only to find out they live 100 miles away. What a bummer, right? So, if you’re interested in finding someone locally, truly locally, a 25 mile radius seems doable! 

Most of the time, dating apps go off of your current location, so anywhere you are, whether it be a friend’s house, work, or a family members house, log in and see new potential pop up. You could even be hanging out at a bar or restaurant with friends, log in, and see new people pop up. In some cases, you may even find someone in the same location you are and have your very first date that night! The possibilities are endless.

Stay Safe When Dating Local

Remember when meeting someone from a dating app to always stay safe. When going on a first date with someone, always let people know where you are and what your plans are. Never leave without informing a friend or a family member where you are. You could even turn your locations on your phone on to let them know your exact location at all times. 

As silly as it is, you can never be too safe. Always meet first in a public place. Even the first few dates are better as you’re getting to know someone. Avoid meeting in a private location, like your home or their’s. Always be aware of your surroundings. 

Meet in a place where you’re both comfortable, and a place you both know. Somewhere that if you need to, you can easily leave or even ask for help if its needed. Stay sober. A lot of people don’t know what their dates intentions are, and unfortunately, sometimes, they don’t have the best intentions. Staying sober is a number one way to not get yourself in any trouble. Another way to protect yourself is to carry pepper spray. It’s a good way to be prepared in case things go awry on your date.

Pros & Cons of Online Dating

There are a lot of pros and cons to dating sites. Using a dating site, you tend to find more possible suitors than you would just out and about in your every day normal life. On the downside to that is, it can get overwhelming. 

Having so many men/women to talk to or choose from is very confusing. Dating sites also provide more ways to contact and communicate the person you’re interested in. Messaging on the site itself, text messaging, even e-mailing back and forth, but it also lacks that face-to-face communication that makes things more personal. We all love that personal communication, and this is definitely a downside to online dating.

Another pro is that dating sites match you with your best possible suitors by giving personality tests. This leads to better matches for you, and makes it easier than having to go on numerous dates only to find out you’re not at all compatible. Down side? People do lie on their profiles. Sometimes, this does happen, which means you’ve just wasted your time getting to know someone that wasn’t honest when you could have met someone who truly is a match for you.


Follow these tips and tricks, and you’ll be meeting people in no time. Just remember, be true to yourself and don’t settle for something you don’t want. Don’t feel obligated or pressured to go on a date with someone, especially if they don’t peek your interest or if you feel like you don’t click or have anything in common. Don’t be afraid to be yourself or express yourself. My best tip of all though? Just have fun with it!


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