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How to Find the Right Bankruptcy Lawyer

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Filing for bankruptcy can be one of the scariest things to happen in your life and you may have a lot of questions. Advice from experts says that this is not a procedure that you should go through alone. Bankruptcy is complicated and intimidating and best handled by a professional in the field. 

If you don’t know where to start when searching for a bankruptcy lawyer, start with this list of tips on how to find the right one for your situation.

Stay Local

When searching for a bankruptcy lawyer, it is important to look within your region or city because they will be the most familiar with bankruptcy laws in your area. When filing for bankruptcy, local procedures could become overwhelming not only for you but also for a lawyer who is not used to your area. 

Not only will a local attorney know the procedures, but they may also have a rapport with the people in local law offices where you may be filing your case. Search for law firms like Shoresh Law, which is a trusted name in the community. This will work to your advantage in the long run and may make the process go more quickly. 

Ask Friends And Neighbors

Odds are, you are not the only one you know who has gone through the bankruptcy process. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Reach out to your local friends and neighbors to ask if they have any recommendations for bankruptcy lawyers. You will be surprised that the best recommendations can come from those close to you. 

Local groups like the homeowner’s association and the state bar association are likely to have lists of all types of attorneys in the area as well. Social media groups like Facebook are also a good place to look as long as you don’t share too much personal information. Many neighborhood groups let you make anonymous posts if you want to stay anonymous. 

Compare Rates

Once you have compiled a list of potential bankruptcy lawyers, do some extra research about how much you would be spending to hire them. Most attorneys’ offices have an initial fee and then allow you to pay the rest at a later date. With bankruptcy lawyers, you will most likely pay a small fee upfront, but some lawyers may charge more than others.  

Research Their Experience

Having experience in the field of bankruptcy is the most important thing to look for in a lawyer. If you already have a family attorney, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be the right person for the job if they don’t actually know the local bankruptcy laws. Check out their history and reputation by reading reviews online from previous customers before making a decision.

Realizing that you have to file for bankruptcy is daunting, but finding the right lawyer will make the process much easier. If you follow these expert tips and trust your gut, you will find that the process of filing for bankruptcy is not as scary as it sounds.  

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