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How to Keep the Deer From Eating Your Garden

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photo by William Thomas

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, we often think about deer as being beautiful creatures and a reminder that we’re not as distant from the natural world , but they also can be pests when population of deer becomes too high.  In Village of Ridgewood , like many towns in Bergen County the Ridgewood blog is hearing reports damage deer are doing to to residents gardens and the fear of Lyme disease .

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New Jersey’s deer herd is a major component of the landscape throughout all but the most urbanized areas of the state. Deer affect our forests, farms, gardens, backyards and roadways. From a population reduced to a handful of deer in the early 1900s they rebounded during the 20th Century to a thriving herd today.

Generally the over population in suburban settings  causes the following problems :

  1. Deer can actually reduce the biological diversity of woodlands.
  2. Deer can be a serious pests for gardeners .
  3. Deer and traffic do not mix well .
  4. Deer can damage to trees.

Three ideas to help keep deer are are:

  1. Ultrasonic Deer Repellents These repellents work by emitting specific frequencies that deer find disturbing. They are often equipped with sensors to detect when deer are near and only activate when motion is detected. Some of these repellents have an integrated light to further scare deer away from the area.
  2. Because deer are so skittish, adding wind chimes or even the static from a radio can be enough to scare them away. Anything unfamiliar will throw them off and make them too nervous to come any closer. Adding plants that deer dislike can keep them from exploring other areas of your yard.
  3. A deer repellent is a physical and/or visual substance with an unpleasant taste, odor, sensation, or visual display that deer don’t like. Because deer have a very keen sense of smell, deer repellents often feature a spicy scent that they’re averse to




One thought on “How to Keep the Deer From Eating Your Garden

  1. Know a neighbor has her small lot “deer proofed sprayed” 8 times a year for $800. Also has yard mosquito proofed sprayed, termite sprayed, mice traps, spiders & wasps toxic treated under soffits, yard bugs sprayed by bug man. In addition to regular yard fertilizer, grubs & 100’s ground insects treated.

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