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How to Stay Safe When Going Out During COVID-19

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The occurrence of Coronavirus shook the entire globe. Countries all over the world have enforced different policies and mechanisms to contain the virus. The most common is the imposition of lockdown. COVID-19 as commonly called is a contagious disease that has a mild to moderate effect on the respiratory system of the infected person. According to the World Health Organization, the most predisposed groups are elderly people, infants, and those who are suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular illness, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer. Government agencies, together with the health workers and advocates keep the public well informed about the virus.

Protect Yourself

Needless to say, the pandemic did not only affect the physical and mental health of the people but also created a big impact on the economy. Both large and small businesses including the emerging markets suffered. Prolonged lockdown is not the only solution to alleviate the risk of spreading the disease. Amidst the threat of Coronavirus, people are compelled to continue with their normal lives. Nevertheless, everyone has to adapt to the “new normal”. This so-called “new normal” is humanity’s response to the current crisis. It has taken place in everyone’s home, work, and especially social life. Countries have set guidelines to mitigate the likelihood of being infected. WHO provided the following measures to ward off virus infection:

Washing of hands regularly with soap and water or use of alcohol and sanitizer

Disinfect and clean surfaces such as tables, work seats and desks and countertops

Avoid congested areas and observe physical distance

Individuals who are 60 years old and above should avoid going out especially those with pre-existing condition

Avoid close contact with people who exhibit symptoms like coughing, sneezing

Wearing of mask coughs and sneezes with

Covering of mouth and nose using bent elbow when coughing or sneezing

Be well informed by getting accurate information from reliable sources like the World Health Organization website, Pan American Health Organization, Red Cross, and other relevant agencies.

 Among the guidelines mentioned above, wearing a mask and maintaining physical distance are considered the most effective measures to stay safe in public places. It is mandatory to wear a mask as COVID-19 virus spreads through saliva droplets or tiny liquid particles from coughing, sneezing, or even talking. However, not everyone feels comfortable wearing a mask. Common complaints include: it is too hot, fogs the glasses, and ear loops hurt the ears.

There is a brand called MaskFone which addresses this dilemma. The function is not just a face mask. It integrates protection, comfort, technology, and manifests this in a sleek, high-quality package. It has the most stylish features that guarantee ultimate protection. The convenience of built-in microphones and earphones destroys the need to take off the mask.

The year 2020 marks the economic crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemic reached a global scale. Some countries that imposed lockdown experienced financial collapse. There was a need to continue with normal life to survive. Health organizations are aware that the influx of people will threaten the number of infected cases. Safety measures were implemented to impede or control the spread of the disease. Wearing a face mask is essential in going to public places and interacting with people. Although the supply of face masks is not a problem, one should also consider the quality of the material. Therefore, consider buying a face mask that gives convenience and maximum protection.

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