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How to Stay Updated With the Latest Online Trends in the Adult Entertainment

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Understanding where your children might look for adult entertainment is vital as a parent. In spite of the fact that you will eventually be unable to protect your children from everything that happens online, you can do your best to do so as long as you are able. This post will show you some of the best ways to stay updated with the latest online trends so that you can stay one step ahead.

Check Out The Most Popular Websites

When in doubt, the best place to start is at the beginning! Consequently, you should take the time to explore some of the most popular adult websites. This step is valuable because many top options include categories containing the most popular and up-and-coming niches. By checking these out, you will glean a lot of information pertaining to what is currently popular and what might become prevalent going forward. However, you will have to visit a broad range of sites to get a decent average. For example, live video sites will have different categories from standard adult entertainment sites. For instance, a quick search from will show a slightly different range of niches than something from PornHub. Therefore, it pays dividends to categorize the various sites and then check them individually. Some of the most frequently visited websites by sheer numbers include:

  1. PornHub (you might already be familiar!)
  2. Dipsea
  3. xHamster
  4. xVideos
  5. FrolicMe
  6. Bellesa
  7. OnlyFans
  8. ManyVids
  9. Literotica (although this site provides erotic literature, it can be a great place to discover niches you might not be aware of)


Although you may already be familiar with some of these websites, it pays to have a look through their most popular or “most viewed” sections to ascertain what people are searching for. Moreover, an interesting addition is OnlyFans, a subscription-based service for adult entertainers to ply their trade. What makes this such an interesting place to examine is that the creators have to respond in real-time to the whims of their subscribers if they want to continue making money. This means you can gain insight into what is happening right now instead of some time in the future.

Visit Online Forums

The term “online forum” refers to a web-based, collaborative discussion about a specific topic. Whereas these forums used to require registration, many websites like Reddit and Quora provide the exact content with easy sign-up options. This enables you to visit places where people actively discuss various topics, including adult entertainment. Moreover, you can often create anonymous “throwaway” accounts to sue during your exploration into the seediest aspects of human sexuality. You should start off slow to feel your way around the different forums, but once you become familiar with the process, you can even begin to ask questions. Regarding Reddit, you can join subreddits (as they are known) in various niches to see what members are talking about and what new trends are currently emerging. Just understand that by taking this step, you are truly going down a rabbit hole and might discover some pretty wild stuff!

Think Outside Of The Box

While you might think that all entertainment for adults resides on the numerous websites and forums that inhibit the bookmark folders of internet users worldwide, you should think again. If you take the time to think laterally, you will be surprised at how new tech is being used to create the porn of the future. One such piece of technology is virtual reality. In many ways, VR is the future of this industry, as it provides a highly immersive experience for users. Consequently, you should look at the various VR hobby sites and see what the users are discussing regarding porn. While most discussions will revolve around other uses, you might be amazed at how much you can take away from the experience. This tip also extends beyond VR and into anything that could be remotely linked to sexually explicit content.

Check Social Media

Social media is another excellent place to see what the youth of today is talking about and how they get their kicks. However, you should look outside of the old-school social media platforms like Facebook and check out what’s trending on sites like TikTok and Snapchat. Although these sites take steps to ban and reduce harmful content, a lot slip through the net for various reasons. Therefore, you can often find out what the kids are turning towards today and potentially in the future.

The safety of your children is one of the most important tasks a parent has, but the proliferation of adult content has made this task somewhat more challenging over the years. Fortunately, by following the steps laid out there, you can discover what the latest trends are in order to direct your kids to safer options.

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