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Hudson Garage Elevator Flooded

Hudson garage open

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Hudson garage’s new elevator is flooded and not working  ,making the parking facility non ADA compliant.  It has also come to our attention the the roof top was not plowed after the recent snow and there are some concerns over the quality of the construction of the facility .

Once again we “circle back” ,to wonder how the Village is planning on paying for this thing ,given the global pandemic , the raise of “remote work” and limited hours and capacities of Village retail and restaurants?

To matters worse it is going to be in the 50’s today melting even more snow.

20 thoughts on “Hudson Garage Elevator Flooded

  1. The jokes write themselves.

  2. Yes why wasn’t the upper deck plowed and snow removed. Who is in charge. What were they going to do just let it melt, not too smart. Poor decisions Are being made. Talk about a lack of maintenance. At this point just sell the damn place. This past weekend at lunchtime my family drove by the garage and it Only had a good 15 cars in the whole garage. What a terrible investment. But going back to the snow removal Who was responsible, someone has to be in charge of it. Now that we have damage in the elevator from the snow melting there’s no warranty on that. Is there poor drainage, who overlooked the engineering plans.

  3. You can park on the ground floor if you need ADA compliance.
    Who cares if the roof wasn’t plowed?
    Nobody parks there.
    The flooding of the elevator is indeed a problem.

  4. Big mess coming with the snow melting

  5. The Village Idiots aka The Town Council strikes again.
    We’re left paying for their stupidity and lack of due diligence.
    Zero regard for their fiduciary responsibility.

  6. I have always said the garage was a project that was and will remain underwater. But I have to say that I did not foresee the year one incompetence associated with its maintenance. Maybe those who so proudly paraded themselves when that shiny plaque was affixed the Village’s newest white elephant should move their slow, fat asses to maintain their dream project. Given how contentious this investment was, you would think the people who run the village would make sure this type of PR nightmare would be avoided. Duh…

    This is what politicians do-spend your money unwisely today, tomorrow, and into the future. There is no accountability as we voted against the garage but those who continue to sit at the leadership table did what they wanted to do. One can question their motives but one cannot deny that they did a disservice to all village tax payers. OUT WITH ALL OF YOU and shame on those who will vote in favor of the status quo next election.

    In retrospect, Ridgewood gets the politicians it deserves and this matter is fine example of the pretenders that we have running our budgets.

  7. Wasn’t there also some fancy landscaping heading into the underpass, that was soon after ripped out to make the bike lane?

  8. Yes As far as the garage they should’ve put a roof on top. It will avoid all this.

  9. Paulie the Greek , The Chamber and The Guild should have some responsibility in this. They push for this White elephant.

  10. This is a maintenance issue. The Village gets a failing grade when it comes to maintaining its properties. Walk by the Village Hall and look at the condition of the facade. Check out the pedestrian bridge going into the parking lot at Vets Field. This is what poor management and low interest rates bring. Cheaper to build new than maintain, so they think!

  11. Years back they had an investment group was willing to build them a parking garage and put the catering hall at One of the levels. They had full funding and experience in building and running garage in the area. They were going to handle all the business dealings for the first 20 years, after 20 years they were going to give the parking garage to the free.
    Second, if you remember one of the groups in Bergen county was going to build a parking garage of course the village turn that down to. They want full control, well now you got it so suck it up now. Extremely poor decisions they made in the past, they are so over their head with this garage. At this point the better off in closing two of the floors and turn into commercial real estate . At least you can get some good rents. What a mistake.

  12. But keep in mind that the garage generates $15 to $20 a week in revenue

  13. “But keep in mind that the garage generates $15 to $20 a week in revenue”

    But not only that, it costs between $20 to $25 a week to administer this revenue collection.

  14. The new apts are yet to be filled

    Might mean nothing or half a loaf in the garages overnights for second or third cars for newer rental families

    A guess yes..

  15. Laugh all you want… YOU are paying for this fiasco with higher taxes.

  16. Maybe it’s time consider other uses for the garage. Maybe a miniature golf course would be a money maker.

  17. It is already a skateboard park

  18. Even with melting snow must be a water drainage issue. Just my guess.

  19. rental car slummy ramp operation was predicted

  20. ”Even with ” is right

    A Building without a
    ROOF has to have a serious Rain and melting snow water Run off design..

    Elevator Shafts would have to by design be able to deal with a large quantity of Snow on the Top deck unless they plowed and placed large snow Piles too close to the Shafts Runoff zones.

    these decks take 2 to 4 inches of
    Thunderstorm water…something is not right here

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