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Hudson Garage Elevator Out of Service Again

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, several Village employees were met by hostile commentators  this week ,because once again commuters and central business district patrons were greeted by out of service elevators at the Hudson Garage .

The word is that the elevators have been out of service since last week and it is being alleged from several sources that teens jumping up and down in the elevators caused the damage.

17 thoughts on “Hudson Garage Elevator Out of Service Again

  1. Nothing to see here, move along.
    Can’t pick on the little kiddies.

  2. No one who actually needs the elevator uses it anyway.

  3. Parking spaces above the first floor are generally empty. I wonder how this new elevator, which is so rarely used by parking patrons, seems to have ongoing mechanical issues. Perhaps the Village CFO should look into this warranty matter.

  4. I’m not sure the elevators being out of service qualifies as news anymore.

  5. “Nothing to see here, move along.
    Can’t pick on the little kiddies.”

    Yes, kids got in the elevator and jumped up and down a few times.

  6. Vandalism?

  7. Prove it, how do you know kids broken. It.
    Add to all the employees that were approached. What happened

  8. Was destroyed in winter snow storm
    Too big a snow shovel to remove
    Garage open melting snow slush rivers down into the elevators mechanical electrical systems

    Amnesia anyone

  9. This is getting to be ridiculous every week there’s another problem here. The village should just hire an outside management company and let them run it and let them handle all the compliance responsibilities. Because we don’t have the employees to do this.

  10. Prove it, how do you know kids broken. It.
    Add to all the employees that were approached. What happened

    I don’t have to prove anything to you. Keep track of your little darling

  11. I thought the GINORMOUS GARAGE would just be a Money Pit
    … I didn’t realize it would be a Money Black Hole.

  12. Oh yeah bitch . Prove it .

  13. Has anyone ever utilized the elevator at the train station. Talk about filthy disgusting smelly, piss all over the place

  14. Can we get our money back from the incompetent contractor who installed this elevator?

  15. Shut it down. They should have an indoor flea market on weekends there. And you can move the Sunday fruit stand from the train station to the parking lot. That would be nice you’re in the shade if it rains no problem think about it.

  16. My family and I just walked through the tunnel from one side of the train station to the other or you kidding me. Really I didn’t say anything my kids said what is that smell. I seen cleaner areas in Harlem. After walking through the tunnel I didn’t even want to eat dinner. Who is responsible for cleaning that New Jersey transit. Someone needs to call them because it really is disgusting I don’t even wanna get into it. I cannot believe that this is in the village restaurant looking like this very dirty.

  17. We have all these 100 K police teams folks
    Guarding the Gas Companys subs as they trench and set new Gas lines being layed in broad daylight and sun setting at 830 pm

    Towns a joke

    We are sheep being fleeced

    Let Pseg hire pay for own flaggers in
    Used security cars

    Redefine waste..

    Why secure a closed off avenue blocked SMALL RESIDENTIAL BLOCKS
    IN Scourching sunlight mid summer

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