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Hurricane Joaquin better safe than sorry

Hurricane Joaquin

Octover 1st, 2015 – Hurricane Joaquin

Dear E-Notice Resident,

As many of you may know by now, Governor Chris Christie issued a State of Emergency this morning, alerting the public to be ready if Hurricane Joaquin’s trajectory brings it to N.J.

I am writing to you to let you know that we have been and will be on top of this situation. Your Village staff began preparations earlier this week, and we met this morning to continue our monitoring of this situation. Police, Fire and Emergency Services are all prepped and ready to go as is our DPW, Sewer & Water staff.

Currently one of Joaquin’s possible trajectories has it arriving Monday evening into Tuesday. We will keep you informed as more is known. So please take any storm preparedness steps that you normally would. Our Office of Emergency Management has a website page for tips and planning for hurricanes. Here is the link.

Hopefully the hurricane will take another track and we will not be impacted.

Our primary concern over the next couple of days is the possibility of high winds and significant rainfall possibly resulting in flooding and tree damage. The risk of tree damage has increased due to the drought conditions that we have been experiencing. The timeframe for this weather appears to be Friday evening through Saturday. We have staff and contractors on call in the event of downed trees or other emergency situations.

If you or anyone in your neighborhood has tree damage that results in a compromised street situation, please call (201) 652-3900: appropriate resources will be identified and deployed.

If your power goes out, please call PSE&G directly – 1(800) 436-PSEG; this will result in the most effective servicing.

Sign-ups for E-Notices as well as telephone notifications can be done on our website ( Please reach out to your neighbors who may not receive E-Notices or reverse 911 calls.

For anyone with special needs/disability related requirements, please email

Best regards,

Roberta Sonenfeld

Village Manager

201-670-5500, ext. 203


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  1. Wonderful artwork James!

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