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Husband of Cresskill Woman Murdered in 2020 Alleges Police and Schools Ignored Victims Pleas to Investigate Killer

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Cresskill NJ, in a lawsuit filed in New Jersey Federal Court by Victor Rosasco, the husband of the late Divna Rosasco, alleges that the Cresskill Police Department, local public schools, and the borough failed to adequately investigate the man responsible for her murder. Divna Rosasco was tragically found stabbed 55 times and disposed of in Overpeck Creek in June 2020.

Nicolas Coirazza, a Lodi resident, pleaded guilty to the fatal stabbing and was sentenced to 50 years in prison. The lawsuit, filed by Victor Rosasco, claims that Coirazza had been sexually grooming and abusing their daughter, who was 14 at the time.

The suit asserts that the defendants’ disregard for the concerns raised by the Rosascos led to Divna’s murder. Allegations include the daughter being groomed by Coirazza, who allegedly made her “psychologically and emotionally dependent on him.” The Rosascos claim that their concerns were ignored by both the school district and the police.

Despite Coirazza’s guilty plea and sentencing, the lawsuit contends that he has never been held accountable for the sexual abuse of the daughter and her kidnapping. The Cresskill Police Department’s response to a GoFundMe campaign aimed at starting a foundation in Divna’s name is also criticized in the lawsuit, claiming the police found no evidence of grooming, despite video and photographic evidence.

The lawsuit further accuses the media of perpetuating a false narrative from the Cresskill police, leading to sensational and offensive headlines, including misleading reports about the daughter’s involvement in Rosasco’s murder. The legal action alleges that the police treated the daughter as a co-conspirator instead of a victim, violating her Fifth Amendment rights.

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  1. Victor owned a restaurant in the Village many years ago and resided on Hope Street at the time. I believe he also had a run in with the law. An allegation to do with an underage girl?

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