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>I don’t think there is one single answer to the district’s math problems.

>I don’t think there is one single answer to the district’s math problems. As many mentioned before, many would prefer saxon math or singapore. I, personally prefer artofproblemsolving, which I have introduced to this blog a while ago, however, many people claimed that our public schools’ goals were not to produce “phd’s in math.” Instead I think our honors classes should use something like artofproblemsolving while regular classes can use the regular curriculum.

Personally, I don’t believe in the notion of being a “math person.” I believe anyone can learn math at the highest level given that they are willing to spend time(by this I mean a hour a day) practicing. I think if the kids are willing and motivated, it is a crime to hold them back from acheiving top notch (and I know our schools are not here to produce “phd’s in math”)results no matter what school they go to. Go on artofproblemsolving’s resource page and have your child spend an our a day on the usa amc 10/12(the easier contests) and you will be surprised at the improvement after a few weeks (you can check back at my posts from a few weeks ago if you don’t remember the url).

After all, if math talent was innate, why would we have practice problems on the internet. I also don’t understand how parents complain about their child not being good at math but reject a curriculum that would train their child to the level of those math majors at schools like MIT. Also as you can see artofproblemsolving
is supported by the mathematical association of america as well so it is not one of those curriculums that mathematicians speak out against.

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