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If you Don’t Want More High Density Housing Dont Vote for Pam Perron or Mahmoud Hamza

3 amigos in action Ridgewood NJ

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Your ballots will be coming soon.  When it comes to The Village Council, DO NOT VOTE FOR PAM PERRON OR MAHMOUD HAMZA.  Pam Perron in zoom meetings has stated that she is (1) in favor of high-density housing (2) in favor of moving all elections to November, in which case citizens would no longer be able to vote on proposed Board of Education budgets (3) in favor of combining the Village Council and the Board of Education (educate yourself, Pam, this cannot be done at the local level, it has to be done by state legislators) (4) in favor of giving big money to the library.  Somehow she also thinks she could be a negotiator for police and fire contracts, something that Village Councilmen do not do.  Mahmoud Hamza is in favor of high density housing and he believes astro turf is safe.  Worst of all, both of these candidates are backed by the worst of the worst – Halaby, Aronsohn, Sonenfeld, Hauck, Harwin, Winograd, Phillips, Willett, Lehman and more have signed on for them.  If you want to see our village go all the way downhill on the course that Aronsohn started, vote for them.  If you want to preserve Ridgewood with sensible development and smart, informed representatives, vote LORRAINE REYNOLDS, Sergio Alegre, and Bernadette Walsh.

8 thoughts on “If you Don’t Want More High Density Housing Dont Vote for Pam Perron or Mahmoud Hamza

  1. Perron and Hamza both change their minds on every issue repeatedly.

  2. Perron and Hamza are not going to be good for Ridgewood for the reasons listed. I cannot take another round of sell-out amigos. I am still wondering what favors were exchanged by the three amigos for the high density housing. Drove through downtown last night and all three are monstrosities Already voted for Alegre, Reynolds and Walsh.

  3. NICE

    we wont be FOOLED Again

    NO NO ….

    ( The Who )

  4. Totally agree with this sentiment. Make sure you neighbors get out the ballot!

  5. Wait until they build out and 17. More low income housing will be coming you’ll see.

  6. Why is my name listed as one of the “worst of the worst”? I have not backed Perron or Hamza!

  7. you need new friends

  8. Oh my word, do NOT vote for Perron or Hamza. You might as well be voting for Aronsohn and Pucciarelli

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