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In 2019 a “Ride Out” Struck a Pedestrian in Glen Rock

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photo by Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, this is not the first time Ridgewood has had issues with “ride outs’ in September 2019 a group of cyclists was allegedly on its way to disrupt motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic near a Starbucks restaurant in Ridgewood. when an adult female pedestrian was struck and injured in Glen Rock.

One suspect sought for questioning in connection with a pedestrian strike during Saturday’s “Ride Out”


4 thoughts on “In 2019 a “Ride Out” Struck a Pedestrian in Glen Rock

  1. There’s a story here….the punk from Sloatsburg was driven down here along with a few misfit friends, told to make some noise, driven back home, then given $20 for his troubles.

    BLM mongrels have hijacked the African American cause. Blacks are starting to take notice. This charade will end soon. Keep arresting punks !

  2. I agree with Budapest Bobby. RIdgewood PD was set up. An investigation to determine the involvement, if any, of individuals outside of the “flash mob” itself is certainly warranted.

  3. Do you know what Village of Ridgewood should not offer any more permits for any kind of parades for the rest of the year. Do you wanna protest go to another town. Sorry, stop giving the protesters the bill for security. In the permit requires you to have security. Which That means the person taking out a permit for the protesting parade March whatever they would call it, will have to pay for police security safety barricades pedestrian in traffic control. End of story

  4. Last September someone commented, “The Bicycle Boys will be back….”
    That’s interesting!

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