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In Its Latest Construction Update the Valley Hospital States that it, “will maintain a vibrant campus in Ridgewood”

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Paramus NJ, the Valley Hospital in Paramus continues to develop as the eye-catching curtain wall is installed at the main entrance and plants on the podium green roof are rigged. In Valley’s  latest construction update on The Valley Hospital in Paramus project.

Valley noted that , Valley will maintain a vibrant campus in Ridgewood that will be dedicated to a broad range of healthcare services. Those services will include an urgent care center, and laboratory, radiology and endoscopy services. Moving the inpatient services to Paramus also provides Valley with an opportunity to consolidate existing ambulatory and outpatient services, as well as health system business functions.

According to the hospital’s website , healthcare today is changing rapidly. With the opening of a state-of-the-art, 354-bed hospital on a brand-new campus in Paramus, Valley will be well-suited to adapt to these changes and meet the healthcare needs of the northern New Jersey community for many years to come.

The Valley Hospital in Paramus will provide an even better experience for our patients and their families. Single-patient rooms, for example, will enhance patient privacy, safety and comfort.  A flexible facility design, with such features as universally sized operating and procedure rooms, will enable the hospital to adapt to changing needs and medical technology. And our new location and larger campus will allow us to grow our community outreach, empowering and inspiring people to live healthier lives.

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11 thoughts on “In Its Latest Construction Update the Valley Hospital States that it, “will maintain a vibrant campus in Ridgewood”

  1. Sad we sent them packing to build such a state of the art facility in Paramus instead of here.

    1. I’ll take the 5 minute ride to Paramus any day instead of the oversized hospital in Ridgewood. The Van Dien site wasn’t capable of accommodating what Valley wanted to build. The hospital in Paramus still serves Ridgewood and it literally 2 minutes further away.

    2. Just wait until ambulances are stuck in Paramus traffic and patients die en-route to the new hospital. Valley should maintain an ER, some patient rooms and some diagnostic abilities in Ridgewood.

  2. Sent them packing indeed.

  3. That word “vibrant” is scary

    1. Let me guess, you would rather the hospital to be razed so more plywood palaces can be built. Oh and remember, when the lights go out, power is restored to the hospital and the surrounding neighborhoods FIRST. You will wish the hospital was still there when the utility tells you power may be restored in days or weeks. Also wait until you have to go to the Hospital and it takes forever for you to get there because of the traffic jams on 17 and local roads instead of just of a couple of minutes. Heck right now it takes longer for the village of Ridgewood to get an ambulance to your door than the ride is to the hospital.

  4. I need those politicians that you carry in your pocket, like so many nickels and dimes.

  5. Hope it’s a detox clinic

  6. They needed to go to Paramus. The Ridgewood site wasn’t big enough to handle the expansion.
    They tried to roll over the neighborhood and got what they deserved. Credit to the Concerned Citizens of Ridgewood who made sure they didn’t destroy the neighborhood.

  7. Way to stay classy Valley supporters

  8. Ah yes the concerned citizens of Ridgewood.
    You have absolutely no idea what’s coming your way.
    You thought the hospital was screwing your property values? Just wait until you see what’s in your future.
    Good luck. Your gonna need it.

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