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In the Murphy Administration the Truth was the First Casualty of COVID

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ, once Again, the Administration’s COVID policies are shown to be based more on Political Science than Health Sciences. In the latest major fail for the Murphy Administration

a bombshell video released Monday by Project Veritas uncovered alarming revelations from inside Governor Murphy’s re-election campaign.

In the recording, two individuals with close ties to the campaign, including a woman identified as a senior advisor for the Governor, explained that Murphy planned to enact vaccine mandates after he sealed up the election.

“Wake up, New Jersey. This is how the Governor treats our residents,” said Senator Joe Pennacchio. “He has every intention of abusing his self-appointed emergency powers to force vaccines on every one of us, but he knows the public won’t stand for it. As the past has indicated, he will issue his rules and edicts with no transparency.”

Project Veritas’ undercover camera caught Murphy advisor Wendy Martinez, speaking Spanish, explaining Murphy’s strategy.

“He’s going to do it [vaccine mandates], but he couldn’t do it before the elections,” Martinez said. “The independents and the undecided would not vote for him if he did the mandates because they’re all into all the sh**. My rights, my sh**.”

“Let’s face it. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Governor has not been forthcoming with the people of New Jersey,” Pennacchio said. “His willingness to beguile residents is disconcerting. He has refused to explain why he opened prison cells while forcing the deadly virus into nursing homes and locking the doors, why he allowed long lines in big box stores but prevented people from standing in line for in-person voting, why he did ignored the words of nursing home administrators when he was told point blank that his policies would lead to people dying, and why he and the Democrats have refused any legislative oversight and investigations into his deadly pandemic policies.

“Forcing vaccine passports on state residents under the cloak of darkness after an election continues this administration’s long history of obfuscation, deflection and insincerity,” Pennacchio continued.

The Project Veritas video also shows a discussion between a reporter and a manager for NJ Forward 2021, a campaign project funded by the New Jersey Democratic State Committee.

“I think the problem is right now because it’s election season … I mean, once you know we have a win, he’s like, all right, guns blazing, like who cares. I’m in it. Let’s do the mandates. Let’s do this,” said the manager identified as Matthew Urquijo.

“This is despicable treatment of New Jerseyans who endured extreme losses and disruptions under this Governor’s heavy-handed rule,” Pennacchio continued. “This is not the way elected officials should treat the people who rely on their truthful leadership. The Governor’s treachery is unforgivable.”

5 thoughts on “In the Murphy Administration the Truth was the First Casualty of COVID

  1. He’s an a-hole.

  2. Remember the 2020 video of a nursing home executive saying “If you put Covid patients in with seniors (in nursing homes) people will die”. But Murphy did it anyway. And 7,700 seniors died.

    There is no doubt that Murphy abused executive orders. But he ignored the mess and delays at NJ Motor Vehicle Commision and at NJ Unemployment offices. And the reluctance of his administration to say where the $6 billion federal relief money was going to be used was a sign of non-transparency. On and on.

    Now advisors to his campaign told of a cover up that Murphy will impose a vaccine passport mandate if he is reelected (God forbid) “BUT he won’t do it until AFTER the election because people care about their rights and all that shi*” said Wendy Matinez (on video) a campaign advisor to Murphy (duh! yes, we care about our civil rights and we don’t like politicians who intentionally withhold what they are going to do to us).
    Then the Murphy campaign turns this around and says shame, shame on the video.
    Why shame, shame on the video? Truth hurts?

    Murphy had his four disastrous years in Trenton. All that time and he did nothing to reduce high property taxes and his abuse of executive orders put a third of NJ small businesses out of business. Murphy is a failure to our state and it is now time to say goodbye to Murphy.

    Vote for Jack.

  3. This isn’t the first lie uncovered in Murphy’s campaign. Does anyone remember the first governor’s debate, where Phil Murphy said he will not raise more taxes if reelected? The man borrowed Billions from Washington, and we know he has to raise the sales tax to 8% to pay back Washington. So we know he lied about raising taxes already.

  4. All of this was known before the first election.

    His hunger for power.
    His desire to make the PDRNJ the “California of the east.”

    Be happy for the folks who got what they asked for.

  5. But some people it doesn’t matter who you vote for taxes will not go down, that’s all bullshit story. Yes they can cut taxes then what do you thinks going to happen many services will be cut and then the state will be going backwards. Do you want to look like Pennsylvania.

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