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Increased Police Presence at the Schedler Property in Ridgewood ?


the staff of the Ridgewood Blog

Ridgewood NJ, Residents of streets near the Schedler property have informed us of the seemingly increased number and frequency of Ridgewood Police Department vehicles patrolling along West Saddle River Road during the past several weeks.

Although happy with the increased police presence in their neighborhood, some area residents are concerned that the heightened police activity may be in response to an undisclosed threat against the historic Zabriskie-Schedler House.

Many negative comments regarding costs associated with restoration of the historic home have been directed at Village Council members during multiple public meetings, and contained in numerous letters to the editor of The Ridgewood News. Frequent critics of restoration expenditures include resident Rurik Halaby, former Councilman Jeffrey Voigt (who is rumored have moved out of Ridgewood), and current Councilwoman Siobhan Winograd.

Was an anonymous threat against the Zabriskie-Schedler House received? We guess that’s a real possibility. If a threat was received, we are glad to learn that the police seem to be on top of things. However, despite the reported increase in police activity, our staff still strongly encourages every resident of the neighborhood near Schedler to remain vigilant. The Ridgewood Police Department should be notified immediately if suspicious activity is observed taking place on or near the property (especially if someone is seen with an incendiary device or gas can in hand).

Remember, some of the “naysayers” believe if the historic house didn’t exist, the property could be fully developed as a large athletic complex, fitted with artificial turf, permanent field lighting & stadium style bleachers, and lighted scoreboards.

Keep alert ladies & gentlemen!


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30 thoughts on “Increased Police Presence at the Schedler Property in Ridgewood ?

  1. There is nothing historic about the house. The property has speculative possibilities of being historic but nothing proven.

    1. better go back to history class

      1. Geo. Washington took a dump there.

  2. Agreed, arson is a possibility. Sports Dads are crazy.

  3. Ridgewood’s historic buildings lack longevity once The Village gets control of them.

  4. Historic POS is what it is. I hope the increased police presence is an attempt to stop car thefts and has nothing to do with this crappy piece of land

    1. Sports dad?

  5. Biden warned us of the white supremacists. Stay vigilant. What a joke!

  6. This is classic fear mongering. Awful.

  7. I’d hate to see it follow the path of the Lester Estate. A very convenient fire for the village council at the time.

    1. Grist mill moved from Paramus Road to the Duck Pond was also torched.

      1. Stories like this are why the Ridgewood blog is a joke.

      2. Homeless person was living in it and started a fire to keep warm and the fire got out of control and completely destroyed the building. It was not “ torched “ !

        1. Fire Chief of Franklin Lakes was homeless? Right.

        2. If it was accidental, why was he charged with arson?

        3. You are dead wrong. The mill was torched by a volunteer firefighter. Read before you speak

  8. The “historic” designation was for the sole purpose of obtaining grant money.

    1. So what are you suggesting? Now that the money has been received, we should drop the historic status?

      1. taxpayers will have to pay it back

      2. I say perpetuate the lie.

  9. There is definitely an increased police presence, saw it yesterday myself. I was thinking it was to reduce the incidence of speeds coming off of Rt. 17, still do. They actually pulled someone over onto Kingsbridge. I have NO reason to think it was anything other than that.

  10. Regardless of which side you are on, the land and house were already deemed historic and therefore should be honored as a glorious piece of our American history. The newly proposed regulation size ballfield has gained a ton of negative traction for a number of reasons. 1) this was not the agreed upon plan; 2) no one heard of the intention to implement this until recently; 3) neighborhood concerns are not being valued. Either a person or people with influence have essentially decided that they will circumvent an existing approved plan to erect a sports complex. Is this even legal? The fact that the new Mayor and VC may have an agenda that is more in line with making the sports people happy is becoming increasingly apparent day by day. They even applaud them for bringing their children to council workshops in their uniforms to beg that their regulation field of dreams becomes a reality. However, everyone in a decision making capacity such as a council has the special responsibility as an elected official to perform a proper evaluation of all of the facts. Unfortunately, they are not willing assess the real dangers of implementing a project of this magnitude. Why is the plan being changed, who authorized this. Are there conflicts of interest
    that exist, and why are efforts being made to gaslight intelligent people into believing that a large sports complex is “for the greater good”. Can we really be oblivious to the serious implications that will negatively impact health, safety and the environment, to simply get the bulldozers lined up and get this done fast, as was expressed by our Mayor? The larger issue at stake here at this critical juncture is that the council is only hearing but not listening with any real thoughtful attention.

  11. Where are the facts regarding data; how many kids, what age, how many times a day will they need it, what hours, how many months out of the year. If we don’t understand the need and the pain points how can we resolve? where is the due diligence and the transparency? What is the big secret

    1. Exactly. Baseball participation is down 25% from 10 years ago.

      This is Field Envy, plain and simple.

  12. These four are the worst, most narcissistic self-serving people to creep on the council since the Pouch, but this is the type of individual that thrives in politics. They can lie and screw an entire town over with a nice normal smile on their face and tell you it’s for your own good, unfortunately you’re too stupid to figure that out, which is why it’s fortunate that we have vag and the puppets to think for us.

  13. I welcome the increased police presence to keep safe this great historic house. As for proposed development, transparency with newly elected VC is sorely lacking and it is more like a constant information gathering exercise, but no one really listens to the concerns of local residents unless it relates to a sport complex. There should be a concrete timeline of what was agreed to when the plan was approved back in 2017 and not try to revamp it all over again based on the increased pressure from special interest groups. After a quick search on the web, it seems that in 2021 a concerned citizen, now an elected council person had expressed frustration that there was a lack of a comprehensive agreed upon plan. What is interesting, is that her husband along with the Deputy Mayor were part of the 2017 ad-hoc committee that actually worked to put together the plan for the Schedler property that was ultimately approved. Details from this very same plan were used in their campaign pledge specifically pointing to the 2017 plan, so why is it now acceptable to start talking about additional expansion efforts?

  14. No should do any harm to the property. Let’s go forward and get this land cleaned up. And then go slowly and carefully and get it right. And make it as safe as possible. Why are we all rushing.

  15. An older gentleman (term used loosely) who spoke at both last week’s VC workshop and again this week at the VC meeting, and who fancies himself as a self described “lover of history” asked Ridgewood to get out from under SHPO’s control with regard to the historic designation. At both meetings he doles out generous helpings of supposed facts and figures that relate to nothing substantial and have no point and even openly admitted that he recently trespassed onto the property and entered the house with the “permission” of a few guys working on the property. So who really knows if this somewhat unassuming individual is actually a real lover of history on a curiousity seeking mission or a disruptor with a less than desirable intent? In my opinion, it only takes the good judgement of a mature adult to understand that entering a historic property without proper authority, good intentioned or not, is an actual crime.

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