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Inflation rose 8.6% in May, the highest since 1981

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Washington DC, the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) increased 1.0 percent in May on a seasonally adjusted basis after rising 0.3 percent in April, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today.

Over the last 12 months, the all items index increased 8.6 percent before seasonal adjustment. The increase was broad-based, with the indexes for shelter, gasoline, and food being the largest contributors. After declining in April, the energy index rose 3.9 percent over the month with the gasoline index rising 4.1 percent and the other major component indexes also increasing.

The food index rose 1.2 percent in May as the food at home index increased 1.4 percent. The index for all items less food and energy rose 0.6 percent in May, the same increase as in April. While almost all major components increased over the month, the largest contributors were the indexes for shelter, airline fares, used cars and trucks, and new vehicles. The indexes for medical care, household furnishings and operations, recreation, and apparel also increased in May.

The all items index increased 8.6 percent for the 12 months ending May, the largest 12-month increase since the period ending December 1981. The all items less food and energy index rose 6.0 percent over the last 12 months. The energy index rose 34.6 percent over the last year, the largest 12-month increase since the period ending September 2005. The food index increased 10.1 percent for the 12-months ending May, the first increase of 10 percent or more since the period ending March 1981.

8 thoughts on “Inflation rose 8.6% in May, the highest since 1981

  1. Because Biden, Buttegig, Powell, Granholm and every other puke progressive in his cabinet are economic flunkies and liars.

    Blaming Putin for 60 percent rise in gasoline prices is BS. Gasoline prices began rising in July 2021 and Putin did not invade Ukraine until 8 months later at the end of February 2022.

    Grocery prices up 30 percent and using Covid as an excuse as Biden does is pure BS.

    Grocery prices are up because diesel gas prices are up under Biden. Grocery warehouse truckers use diesel gas and aren’t going to absorb the rip off cost of diesel gas under Biden. They pass the increase on to grocery stores and the grocery stores pass the cost on to the consumer thus 30 percent up.
    OIL DRIVES THE ENTIRE US ECONOMY. Oil drives everything from energy prices (yes, electric energy is either oil or nuclear derived) to prices for grocery items. Answer? Open the Keystone Pipeline that Biden closed. Also drill, drill, drill US oil. Let US oil companies invest in long term leases. They won’t invest in leases with Biden saying he will close them down in a year. Duh. Dumb Progressive Democrats don’t understand the simplicity of it?

    Vote Republican. Or go to the poor house.

    1. This is what happens when you shut down the economy for near two years and think that nothing bad will happen.

  2. Gas will rise to $6 per gallon mid summer vs 2.39 when Biden took over. This is all on purpose to support the far left radical policies. It’s incredible just how naive the liberal party is and those who follow like sheep to vote for them.

  3. Not to worry… your clueless neighbors will keep voting in people who are out to destroy their lives and ours…

  4. The current administration and their mainstream media cheerleaders are doing backflips to explain how it’s the fault of everything and everyone except the government. Now just imagine if this was all going on under a Republican administration?

  5. FJB LGB

  6. This must be hurting the village budgets. Especially the fuel, they must be spending between 800,000 and 1 million.

  7. No more mean tweets… it’s all worth it.

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