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Inflation: The Middle Class Is Getting Poorer

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Andy Puzder former chief executive officer of CKE Restaurants has compared real wage gains under Trump versus Biden so far.     Under Trump, real median income hit an all-time high since 1999, and fell, slightly in 2020 due to Covid shutdowns. Under Biden, wages are rising, but inflation is outpacing the paycheck gains. Maybe that’s another reason workers aren’t working.


One thought on “Inflation: The Middle Class Is Getting Poorer

  1. Democrats massive spending = inflation, inflation, inflation.
    The Treasury cannot print money endlessly. It becomes worthless.
    The debt ceiling of 28.7 trillion dollars cannot be constantly raised to make Democrats spend happy.
    Your 401Ks will suffer under the Democrats.
    Gasoline, energy (think heating bills..winter is coming), groceries priced higher and higher.
    Wages that are slightly higher cannot compete with the massive inflation Democrats are causing.
    Be prepared that Democrats will somehow blame Trump even though he’s been a private citizen for nearly a year and Democrats are running the show.

    Vote all progresrive Democrats out or your wallet will continue to suffer.

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