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Investigation Launched in Monmouth County Over Alleged Voter Fraud by Non-Residents

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Allenhurst NJ, an investigation is currently underway in Monmouth County to determine if non-residents have used their summer home addresses to register to vote.

According to a report by the New Jersey Globe, the number of eligible voters in Allenhurst has significantly increased over the past year, surpassing the population reported in the 2020 U.S. Census. The Monmouth County Clerk’s Office states that Allenhurst now has 597 registered voters, while the 2020 Census recorded a population of only 472.

The investigation was sparked by an unusual influx of vehicles with New York license plates arriving in the borough on Election Day, as noted by The Globe. These vehicles appeared during the election to select commissioners. A substantial number of voters, when asked to provide proof of residency, were placed on a challenge list due to suspicions about their eligibility.

Allenhurst is predominantly a Republican area, with more than 53% of voters supporting President Donald Trump in 2020, nearly 61% voting for Trump in 2016, and over 60% backing Mitt Romney in 2012.

“Active Investigation” by Prosecutor’s Office

The Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office has confirmed that an “active investigation” is ongoing regarding allegations that some individuals may have improperly registered to vote or cast ballots in a previous election. While the office has not disclosed the specific township or borough involved, they emphasized the seriousness of any allegations concerning election interference.

“While we cannot discuss any specific details of the investigation at this time, what we can say is that we take any-and-all allegations of interference with free and fair elections with the utmost seriousness, as ensuring their integrity is a fundamental responsibility of any functioning democracy,” the Prosecutor’s Office stated.

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2 thoughts on “Investigation Launched in Monmouth County Over Alleged Voter Fraud by Non-Residents

  1. I’d like to see the voter rolls checked in the Democrat cities
    but that won’t happen. Someone will pull the race card as always

    1. Nice deflection

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