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Is It Healthy To Sleep Next To An Air-humidifier? This Is What You Should Know


If you are reading this article, the chances are that you have heard all about the health benefits of owning a humidifier. From easing the sinus symptoms to improving the indoor air quality, owning this machine is highly recommended. 

Can this device perform the said things single-handedly? Is it safe to have it in your bedroom while you sleep?

Before you take your next step, shopping for this device, will help to understand the various facts surrounding it. Here we shall share everything you ought to know about what a humidifier can do and how it helps improve your sleep. Enjoy reading!

1.Are you Getting Enough Sleep?

Sleep is beneficial. As health professionals often say, a healthy adult should get at least six to eight hours of sleep daily. The benefits that come with sleeping enough are countless. Unfortunately, not many people achieve the recommended sleeping time.

Many factors contribute to lack of sleep, among them sleeping in an uncomfortable environment. A study by NASA revealed that the perfect humidity level for a good night’s sleep to be between 50 to 60%. 

Using a humidifier can help achieve the recommended level hence the undisrupted sleep patterns. However, you must know that using this device excessively can mess with your sleep patterns. As stated at, it’s good to have a detailed understanding of this device, from usage to shopping for the right one. With a clear understanding, you will be well placed to know high humidity, for instance, can interfere with the perception of the room temperature. Higher humidity means a hotter room, and as a result, lack of sleep

2.Reduces Snoring

Snoring is a health condition and that affects a large number of people. Sharing a bed or room with someone with a snoring problem can be annoying and affect your sleep patterns as well.

Snoring can be caused by many factors, among them being a dry nasal passage. Now and then, new remedies have been introduced with promises to deal with the snoring for good. However, not many of these tricks deliver what they say. 

One thing, the annoying volume of your snoring is because your nasal cavity is dried out. Using a humidifier in your bedroom can help alleviate the volume by keeping the throat and nasal cavities lubricated. 

3.Leaves you with a Glowing Skin

In this era, many people are willing to do all that it takes to achieve young-looking skin. On many occasions, achieving that glowing skin can prove difficult due to the many contaminants your sensitive skin encounters daily. 

One of the leading causes of poor skin is keeping it dry for too long. If you suffer from dry and irritated skin, the best solution is to moisturize it often. Moisturizing can work for most of the day, as you will have used some lotions or foundation to retain the moisture.

What happens when you sleep? How will your skin stay moisturized? As mentioned earlier, a humidifier can help moisturize the air, hence nourishing your skin all night long. 

If you sleep in a room with a humidifier, you will start noticing your skin looking healthy and nourished. However, be sure to set the humidifier to the correct levels to achieve the right results. 

4.Relieves Sinus Issues

The cold weather can get uncomfortable. Often, the colder months can see you develop sinus issues. This condition can even be worsened if you continue to sleep in the same cold environment. Many people may not notice that the dry air they are setting to keep warm is the one messing with their nasal passage. 

Adding a humidifier can help much when it comes to dealing with this sinus problem. The device helps reverse the dryness significantly during the night. It does this by assisting the mucus flow with ease hence keeping everything moist. 

5.Good for your Hair

How does a humidifier work? This device works by putting additional moisture back into the house. For this reason, you will find most people using this item during the winters, when the air is dry. 

Using the humidifier when the air is dry is suitable for your hair, as it’s likely to get dry as well. The device works magic on your hair by ensuring enough moisture in the bedroom while you sleep. You can acquire some nighttime hair treatment so that you can wake up with softer and flawless hair. 

Although many people see it as a slight improvement, acquiring a humidifier offers many more benefits than one could ever imagine. This article mentions the top reasons why you must consider having one in your bedroom while you sleep. Before buying your humidifier, check on reviews online to ensure that you find a model that suits your needs. 


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