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Is it Legal to Play at Real Money Online Casinos in Australia?

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Australian laws on online gambling can be hard to understand for most players. This is why, in this article, we will clearly explain how they work and how they affect Aussie players. Read it to answer the question, ‘Is it legal to play at real-money online casinos in Australia?’ You will also discover why you can play at

Overview of Gambling Laws in Australia


Australia first began to regulate online gambling with the Interactive Gambling Act in 2001. The law changed in 2017 and 2019. Its general focus is on providers of gambling services rather than the players. It does not permit the following services:

  • Online casinos
  • In-play sports betting
  • Instant Lottery


Federal and State Regulations on Online Gambling in Australia

Online gambling online in Australia is regulated by the federal government. On the federal level, the body responsible is the Department of Social Services and the ACMA oversees the process. Each state has its own regulatory body.

It is important to differentiate between state and federal regulation. State governments’ function is to regulate land-based venues. Federal laws regulate online gambling in Australia.

Legality of Playing at Online Casinos for Australian Residents

So, can you win real money on online pokies? The law is specific on which forms of online gambling are allowed and which are not. Poker, pokies, classic and live table games, online instant lotteries, and live betting are forbidden. Permitted are lottery, bingo, and fixed-odds betting. However, Australian law does not forbid players to gamble at offshore sites so that they can play the banned forms on such platforms. Furthermore, it’s important to note that gambling is not considered a profession in the country but rather a hobby. As such, players are not taxed on their winnings.

Licenced and Regulated Online Casinos in Australia

Before going for some pokie spins at a casino in Australia, a player should consider and stick to Australian laws for safety reasons. The main reason is that licenced casinos are bound by the law to protect their customers. It is not as if Aussies cannot play on offshore sites, but picking a licenced site is always important. This gives them an umbrella of legal protection.

International Online Casinos and Australian Law

Aussie players should know that the force of the law is focused on the providers rather than the players. Thus, payers are free to choose where to play. However, this places the responsibility of determining the safety of a casino in the player’s hands. A player should only play at licenced casinos that have taken full security measures. This will help him avoid getting scammed or getting his identity stolen. Only after, they should download a pokies app for real money in Australia.


The Interactive Gambling Act 2001 regulates online gambling. Its main focus is on casino operators. Aussies can play on offshore sites at their discretion. However, they should pay attention to the security characteristics of the platforms.


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