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>Is Ridgewood semi-urban?

>Is Ridgewood semi-urban?

This was first mentioned id Ed Sullivan’s tribute to Paul Aronsohn — the relevant passage is “well capitalized companies will be able to undertake and complete the kind of large scale projects that are needed that are needed to transform Ridgewood into a thriving semi-urban environment that will offer an array of desirable high wage jobs along with upscale living accommodations that will befit a younger,more upwardly mobile population.”

While semi-urban isn’t a technically defined term, it is clear what Sullivan has in mind –
large scale projects, Ridgewood becoming a place of work for high scale jobs, and attracting what used to be called yuppies.

1. I like Ridgewood the way it is.
2. Yuppies like a place like Hoboken or the new Jersey City area that is a short jump into NYC, so I don’t think Ridgewood is a likely destination (till they have families).
3. Businesses also Hoboken, the “new” Jersey City, Weehawken, because of quick ferry, path, bus into NYC. I don’t think we can compete even if we wanted to


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