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>Is there an illegal drug trade that is flourishing at RHS?

>Is there an illegal drug trade that is flourishing at RHS?

For those of us who in live in Ridgewood and with their eyes open, these arrests should come as no surprise. Yes, the dealers are very dangerous people — they were arrested with a handgun in their possession and have been through the criminal justice system already.

The seemingly innocent parties to this story — the two of age girls and the two minors — are just as culpable; they create the demand that creates the supply. There have been numerous reports for many years about the illegal drug trade that is flourishing at RHS. The transactions are generally small and, in the infinite scheme of things, of little consequence.

However (and this is meant for the parents of these student-dealers who have to know what their children are doing), once your son (or daughter) gets arrested, they will: 1. have a criminal record; 2. will probably have difficulty getting accepted to the college of their choice; 3. never be able to obtain a job in the public sector; 4. begin lifetime associations with those who ultimately will either wind up in jail or the morgue. Yes, alchohol abuse is just as bad, but it will not send you on the downward spiral as dealing, or using drugs,

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