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It was the hardest year yet to get accepted into Princeton


By Adam Clark | NJ Advance Media for
on March 30, 2017 at 5:26 PM

PRINCETON — Flooded with a record-high 30,056 applications, Princeton University accepted just 1,890 students in its Class of 2021, a record-low 6.1 percent admission rate, the university announced.

The decisions, available for students to track online beginning at 5 p.m., leave thousands of top students rejected. More than 12,000 applicants had a 4.0 GPA in high school, according to the university.

Princeton accepted 6.4 percent of applicants last year.

“The admitted students will bring extraordinary talents, achievements and motivation to the Princeton community,” Dean of Admission Janet Lavin Rapelye said. “Their diverse range of skills, ideas, backgrounds and beliefs were evident to the committee as we gave careful consideration to each application.”

One thought on “It was the hardest year yet to get accepted into Princeton

  1. And if your stupid enough to go along with this scam then have at it. All of my new hires last year and this year didn’t go to Princeton or Yale Or Harvard. They went to reasonably good schools…3 didn’t go to college at all. The 3 that did not are my most valuable employees. As opposed to 4 years of partying they were learning at he school of hard knocks. And at this school they taught you how to navigate what my business really needed like relationship building, collaborating on cross – functional teams, selling and negotiations and that ever elusive top rated needed in the work place prerequisite …common sense. They don’t teach you that at Princeton.

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