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It’s Really Time for Harwin to Resign from the Council Election

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April 17,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, it seems Ridgewood non Partisan Politics have hit a new all time low this might be the lowest we’ve seen in Ridgewood yet. Ridgewood Votes 2018 sent out what could be considered the most offensive bigoted, disgusting campaign literature we have ever witnessed.

In what can now be only considered pure smear campaign , filled with lies. The letter goes on maligning not only a the mayors character but attacks Catholics from Our Lady of Mount Carmel and our Catholic school and Jamboree as well.

The Harwin campaign with nothing to run on except it lame attempt to slander Mayor Susan Knudsen . This conduct is SO far beyond the pale of good citizenship it bodes like the ruination of our community spirit.

None of the accusations are true. All have already been proven totally 100% false ,for one example, the flyer says that Susan accepted a $25000 prize from an organization with a vested interest in the parking garage. Clearly they were referring to OLMC, yet the raffle was not held by OLMC, but by another church in Glen Rock. Further, at a recent candidate coffee, a Ridgewood resident (who didn’t seem to know Mayor Knudsen) stated that he was the organizer of the raffle and there was no way that it could have been “fixed”.

The letter despicable letter was written by Hans-Jurgen Lehmann, Chairman of the Board of Adjustment and husband of Jan Phillps .

The question arises does Alexandra Harwin have a platform she’s running on or is it solely based on pointing fingers and slander? On the Ridgewood blog they have made attacks claiming ,anti Semitism, sexism, intolerance and nepotism . They have attacked both the Ridgewood Police Department and the Ridgewood Fire department . They have also used children to push they “agenda” at Ridgewood High School.

It’s pathetic and eerily smells like Paul Aronsohn has his hands in this. There is an undeniable connection between Paul Aronsohn, Jan Phillps, Jeff Voigt, Rurik Halaby , Gwenn Hauck ,Al Pucciarelli, Don Delzio, Hans-Jurgen Lehmann and Alexandra Harwin .

Hawin should disavow this mailer and resign from the council election immediately and Hans-Jurgen Lehmann should be terminated as Chairman of the Board of Adjustment .

26 thoughts on “It’s Really Time for Harwin to Resign from the Council Election

  1. Just when you thought politics in ridgewood couldn’t any dirtier

    It seem today a resident of Walthrey Ave who is helping on Mike and Susan campaign spotted a truck outside their home with a male taking picture of his house and campaign signs. When approached the truck left the scene. The resident recorded the license plate and made a police report. The resident then spotted the truck with that license plate park in Ms. Alexandra Harwin driveway. What is going on in this town? Are resident that support Mike and Susan being record on some list for some future action against them? This kind of tactic come right out of Paul Aronsohn playbook.

  2. Harwin lives right off of Walthery. There’s alot of Harwin signs on Walthery as well as alot of Sedon/Knudsen signs (Willett . . . not so much). Maybe he was taking pictures of Harwin signs instead of Sedon/Knudsen signs? Are they sure the driver was taking pictures or maybe just passing by on the way to Ms. Harwin’s home around the corner? I would think if they were up to something sneaky, they wouldn’t go park in Ms. Harwin’s driveway. The whole idea of this creeps me out.

  3. Aronsohn wants to turn Ridgewood into Fort Lee

  4. 9:29 I would assume that they know when someone is taking picture of their house and signs .

  5. 9:42 what do you mean wants he has already turned Ridgewood into Fort Lee. Look what going on. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

  6. I believe the plate was traced to barwins husband. I heard this too and I believe I heard it from other residents as well!! Many concerning things like this lately. Same car. All harwins husband. And she doesn’t take questions but asks people to speak to him instead!!!!!

  7. Is this woman actually FOR anything? She reminds me of Hillary Clinton with her calculated distortion of the truth. We all see how that one worked out.

  8. The Jurgen letter defies belief. This pathetic peasant has chosen to attack Ridgewood’s Catholic church and a scholarship committee in town with his false allegations of bribery. Where do the two candidates that he supports stand? Are Harwin and Willet going to disavow this miscreant? Or are they content to let his lies stand, so long as those lies arn’t directed to them?

    History is full of people who turned the other way and pretended not to notice falsehoods when it suited them at the moment. Falsehoods that then spread and grew like a cancer in the fabric of society. We will just have to see what sort of people Willet and Harwin really are.

  9. He’d settle for Aronsohnville. Or Pfundville or Bolgerville.

  10. I hope Mrs. Aronsohn gets a fantastic job offer in another state and they get the heck out of here forever.

  11. If a mailer like that went to thousands of my neighbors in supposed support of me, I would be so mortified that I would not only step down from the election but probably move away. And I’m not an attorney married to a rabbi. FOR SHAME.

  12. This guy Hans-Jurgen Lehmann is out of his f*cking mind! Most likely demented in his old age. Vote for Knudsen and Sedon or you’ll get moron Aronsohn and the rest of his 539 crew.

  13. Mr. Lehmann’s Website is terrible and full of untruths. Paul Aronsohn and company including Jeff Voigt are actively supporting Ms. Harwin and Ms. Willett. I am a big supporter of Mike and Susan . They have accomplished so much in my book. Paul can’t get over he isn’t a congressman, Roberta can’t get over she’s not Village Manager and Jeff thinks he will be mayor if Harwin and Willett win. That is such a frightening thought . Run to the polls and cast your two votes for the incumbents. Please!

  14. Well according to Boyd. If the pictures were taken on public property it is legal so what is the harm

  15. Harwin’s campaign is an embarrassment to anyone running for office. I hope the voters turn out in force to stop this bullying and pack of lies.

  16. Me thinks that the Board of Adjustment is maladjusted…

  17. Hans-Jurgen Lehmann appears to need “civility” lessons.

  18. The letter was insanity. A new low. However, as a voter, I would like to see a response to the specific points raised on that website. The evidence is pretty damning on some of these points.

  19. I received the same garbage from Hans. I used to consider Germans as people of high integrity but this guy just made them look totally ordinary. If I had any hesitation between not voting at all or voting the incumbents now I am 100% decided to vote Susan. The other side is made of pure evil.
    On another note some of you guys are terribly naive thinking that people will feel disgusted by this hate mail and will go out and vote Susan/Sedon. MOST people in this place have NO IDEA who Susan or Aronsohn is. They get this POS in the mail and naturally it gets stuck in their head that Susan is a bad person. Mr Hans Sh!thole is not an idiot (well he is) and knows this. The recipients of this mail will either not vote at all because they never do or vote the other side. Do not discard Harwin. This hate campaign can produce results. If Susan loses her seat then run for the hills. The other side is terrifying. The worst of the extreme left.

  20. 10:05 s.m This mail reminds me of Tricky Dick Nixon not Hillary Clinton.

    Is this Hans guy the husband of Rev. Jan Philllips?

  21. Its been 24 hours and neither Willett nor Harwin have had the moral integrity to stand up and disavow this letter and this supporter and those supporters who transmitted this garbage to others.

    Don’t either one of them have the moral capacity to speak up? It doesn’t matter if they personally don’t care if a town charity or church is attacked. It should be enough that they are concerned that other Villagers percieve an attack.

    They should drop the facade of being “a breath of fresh air” and their self annoited mantle of inclusivity. It is clear both of them, like their puppet master, could care less about Ridgewood or its citizens.

  22. It has not been 24 hours. But yes, 9:07 I would like to see a statement from one or both disclaiming this type of campaigning.

  23. 10:14am – they have been circulating this letter via email for weeks now. Both Harwin and Willet know about it for a looong looooong time.

  24. 8:47 am
    She is NOT a reverend.

  25. The same couple that has a sign declaring ‘Hate has no Place here’ on their front lawn? Same couple that ran meetings for years instructing citizens how to be civil to one another? Same couple that coordinated with Aronsohn to drag other religious leaders into a garage meeting to support such garage, pitted religious leaders (with half truths and misinformation) against the Catholic Church (by far, one of the lowest, despicable displays I’ve ever seen)?

    These people have such hate. Truly disturbing they sell themselves as civility experts, even more disturbing people buy into their bs. Shameful, truly shameful.

  26. 7:59 you made me giggle. .. Do you know about Germany and WW ll
    But seriously folks or Jimmy and his 5 friends.
    Thanks for posting the flyer – clearly those of us near Washington place aren’t on the happenibg side of town. Maybe im missing something but Jurgen doesn’t seem to be against. Our Catholic Church or police – when you go to www. There are links for every allegation- im surorised he didnt reference the time the Board of Education haf to get a restraining order against susan Knudsen

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