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Jim Morgan : I urge Village voters to reelect Vince Loncto to the Board of Education

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Dear James,
I am the Vice President of the Ridgewood Board of Education and have served as a member for seven years. The views expressed herein are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my fellow BOE members.

I am writing in support of the reelection of Vince Loncto to the Ridgewood Board of Education.
I have been involved in Ridgewood educational issues for many years and appreciate the challenges our schools face. Over our years together on the Board, I have seen the valuable contributions Vince makes to the District. The most important of which is finance.
School finance is significantly different from private sector finance. A new Board member faces a steep learning curve understanding how school budgets are developed and administered. Losing Vince’s skills in this area alone would hurt our efforts to control future cost growth.
Vince brings over 45 years of financial management skills to our schools. During his terms on the Board, Ridgewood has consistently delivered budgets requiring less than 2% annual increases in local property taxes. This is in sharp contrast to other neighboring municipalities that have used gimmicks to raise property taxes by as much as 5% annually.
Effective cost containment is not possible without a thorough understanding of Ridgewood’s many teaching programs. When the District’s Special Education staff identified several areas that needed strengthening, Vince quickly created a Board Special Education Committee to increase our direct involvement in this area. The resulting partnership has highlighted the work of our talented professionals and given them support to enhance their services.
Ridgewood is fortunate that experienced managers and parents like Vince Loncto are willing to volunteer for this time-consuming volunteer work. I urge Village voters to reelect him to the Board of Education.
Jim Morgan

5 thoughts on “Jim Morgan : I urge Village voters to reelect Vince Loncto to the Board of Education

  1. This reminds me of the NJEA running ads, robocalls and mailers to support the criminal Menendez.
    Maybe this is why Ridgewood Schools are keep dropping year over year.

  2. Jim Morgan your a disappointment . When you first ran for the Board of Education you were going to bring the other members to task but you fell in lock step with them. Your endorsement means nothing.

  3. Vince, tell your storing walking.

  4. Jim Morgan, we do not care who you endorse. In fact, I would vote for ANYONE else but who you endorse. Thankfully we have a great alternative to Mr. Loncto. I will be voting for Cris Kaufman. And when your seat is up in April, I will vote against you.

  5. Fat chance I’d take any advice from someone who wears their hairdo like Bozo the Clown did. Nice try Jimbo.

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