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John McCann Announces His Intention to Run for Congress

2John McCann Announces His Candidacy for Congress in New Jersey’s 5th Congressional District

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Emerson NJ, John McCann is hoping the second time is a charm , the seasoned campaign veteran and lawyer announced on his Facebook page that he will challenge John Gotteimer in the 5th Congressional District . Vastly outspent McCann came within striking distance in 2018

” I am pleased to announce my candidacy for Congress. All 18,000 plus of you have been tremendous supporters through the last campaign. That is why I am asking you to join me one more time so we can finish the job.”

4 thoughts on “John McCann Announces His Intention to Run for Congress

  1. Only The Ridgewood Blog has the information that NJ Globe is hiding from you………(bye-by David Wildstein and your “fake Republican media outfit”). It’s time for Bergen County Republicans to wake up and work together with Paul DiGaetano, Jack Zisa and others. Please come together and help Bergen County Republicans fight against new “Congressional Star” – Freeholder Tracy Silna Zur. And for you Tracy please help USR Democrats fighting Toll Brothers. You didn’t respond to even one e-mail, one phone call or letter from your own constituents. Why? Why are you afraid to speak up publicly about this situation. Did our “Golden Boy” (future U.S. Senator Josh Gottheimer) instructed you not to or was it your own misguided idea to ignore this massive stormwater runoff problem caused by Toll Brothers at the largest construction site in the Upper and Saddle River history (over 150 acres and over 300 housing units). One USR Councilman already resigned after seeing this video. Will you be the next to burry your political career in this “muddy water” it is up to you Ms. Zur??? Bergen County deserves better! Here is the link to the explosive 5 minute Tell-All interview conducted on the site by Bergen County investigative reporter Scott Fallon and Sierra Club Director Jeff Tittel. Pay special attention Ms. zur to the last 2 minutes of the interview.

  2. Uh, okay

  3. Looks like Tommy Lee Jones…

  4. I was thinking Sam Waterston.

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