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June 5 is Free Fishing Day, save money when introduce a friend or family member to fishing with a Buddy License

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The spring trout stocking program met and exceeded the annual baseline of 570,000 trout with a total of 597,150 stocked. This included 5,745 breeders averaging 15.4″ and another 1,880 beauties averaging 20.2″ The average production fish size was 11.3″, making this spring’s fish some of the largest ever. Many waters will hold trout into the summer, and others provide year-round trout fishing – see the Spring Trout Fishing page for details. And if  you enjoy fishing for other species, there’s the new Great Fishing Close To Home App to get you where the fish are.

Spring Trout Fishing Information

Trout Fishing Access

Trout Stocking Summary

Great Fishing Close To Home App

Don’t forget to take advantage of the June 5 Free Fishing Day, and save money when introducing a friend or family member to fishing with a Buddy License.

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