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Just say ‘no’ to apartments.Let the NYC people move back to manhattan


Just say ‘no’ to apartments.Let the NYC people move back to manhattan

Bergen County’s suburbs embrace a touch of the city NOVEMBER 16, 2014    LAST UPDATED: SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2014, 12:48 AMBY JOAN VERDON

Small movement in the right direction rather than a giant leap off a cliff – yes, that might be brilliant, or at least not stupid.

The full article (which I suggest you read) includes
“Ridgewood’s downtown, which during the worst years of the recession had dozens of vacant stores, is one of the most successful in North Jersey. The occupancy rate for storefronts along Ridgewood Avenue, the downtown’s main thoroughfare, is over 90 percent, according to the Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce, and empty stores tend to be re-leased quickly.”

The Chamber of Commerce can’t have it both ways.

My favorite part of the article is:

“Bruce Meisel, who is developing the former Valley Ford car dealership site in Westwood as a mixed-use project with 14 apartments above retail stores, said residential projects should fit the character of the downtown.

Meisel, who owns 20 properties in Westwood and is one of the leading downtown landlords, said he doesn’t believe a high-density apartment building is right for Westwood. “Just like Westwood’s stores are boutiques, the residential developments in Westwood are boutique in nature,” said Meisel.”

I wish we had landlords like this in Ridgewood.

How about a unique idea. IF you want a city..MOVE THERE.
The success and ‘draw’ of this place is a smaller town VILLAGE atmosphere, located close ENOUGH to the city for those who need to be there, but far enough away to not have the negative things that come along with large amounts of people crammed into living a foot from each other .

I could see allowing a current store size building to put one living unit upstairs (like the old shopkeeper living above his store)But to turn a nice place into Hackensack or Montclair..forget it.

PS. You are allowing speculators who bought property to have a winning lottery ticket if the change in zoning is allowed.


4 thoughts on “Just say ‘no’ to apartments.Let the NYC people move back to manhattan

  1. An isolationist headline to this story — doesn’t make sense. —

  2. NJ is densest state in the nation. Retired Reporter: Don’t you get? We, Ridgewood residents, don’t want to follow the path to high density and all that that entails.

    We are individuals who wish to protect our own best interests. Don’t go using meaningless buzz words on me.

    Just remember: Highest density in nation. Not most populated. Most people per square mile, meaning overly crowded. And we don’t want that.

  3. Forgive him #2. He’s the Mayor’s friend and is like minded

  4. Too bad we can’t have a referendum and throw this out in the trash as Glen Rock did with their synthetic turf issue.

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