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Kaufman Motion to Strip Ridgewood School Board of All Oversight Fails

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Ridgewood NJ, at Monday nights Ridgewood Board of Education meeting , Board member Chris Kaufman made a motion to give the Superintendent and administration the authority to approve vendors in time of essence repairs, this would have effectively made the school board irrelevant and removed the last bit of oversite over the public schools .

Last year residents opted in favor of no longer voting on the school budget . Losing the budget vote right before the district goes into a multi year spending plan to incorporate additional students from the high density housing in the central business district puts addition pressure for the Ridgewood Board of Education to do clarify spending priorities.

Budget votes gave the taxpayer an additional opportunity to discus and support  school spending priorities which is no longer the case in Ridgewood . Property values are a function of  property taxes ie…spending and school performance ie …student achievement.

Fortunately the Board discussed the Kaufman  motion and following the discussion, Mr. Kaufman rescinded his motion.



21 thoughts on “Kaufman Motion to Strip Ridgewood School Board of All Oversight Fails

  1. Kaufman is a moron. What the hell is he thinking?

  2. I concur. He’s a moron. Do not vote for him under any circumstances.

  3. There has been no influx of kids from the new buildings.

  4. Dumber than dirt.

  5. Unseemly.

  6. What he was proposing is against the law.
    NJSA *requires* all purchase above 44k to be approved by a board resolution.
    He has server for three years and he still doesn’t understand role of a board member.

  7. What an aggressive, hostile and obnoxious move. A lot of chutzpah to pull a stunt like this.

  8. Wasn’t this the guy who tried to have the high school wrestling coach axed and replaced by his own buddy?

  9. What a waste of the board’s time.

  10. I almost want to tune in and watch this guy in action.

  11. No delay in job queue because other districts also need board approval. ..

  12. Response to “There has been no influx of kids from the new buildings.”

    Not totally true. Dr.G said there are kids from the new buildings who need to be bussed to various schools based on capacity. He also said some of the apt buildings are not at full occupancy, so hard to know the full impact.

  13. That Youtube video was good. Dani politely took him to the cleaners.

    Kaufman read from a piece of paper as if he was doing someone else’s bidding.

  14. You mean Mr. Dani politely eviscerated Mr.Kaufman.

    Did Mr. Kaufman not realize that other school districts do not have to seek spending approval from their BoE so there is no disadvantage to Ridgewood.

    I thought is would be hard for Kaufman to make himself look any worse after the wrestling coach debacle but I was so wrong.

  15. Just like we use terms like Xerox, and Google for photocopy and Search, I suggest we can start using “Cris Kaufman” for ……

  16. Just like we use terms like Xerox, and Google for photocopy and Search, I suggest we can start using “Cris Kaufman” for …… former BoE member.

  17. Based on the discussion at the meeting, unless the Superintendent had selected a service provider without a bid (but how???), the timing would not have made a difference. How can a vendor be selected without a bid? And if somehow a vendor was selected then a bid was requested from that vendor, what incentive does the vendor have in providing a competitive one?

  18. The school board has a dual role: To represent the concerns of the citizens, taxpayers and parents to the school administrators, and to represent the needs of the students and school district to the citizens, taxpayers and parents of the community.

  19. Exactly, the administration goes to the same vendors again and again and avoid competition. Its the least amount of work. Some board members are trying to change that practice and Kaufman is trying to get some votes here. Cheap publicity stunt.

  20. His focus should be on children safety and education… not on saving a day or two (unlikely given other districts also have the same bid approval process) on a field that is too slushy to be worked or played at that time.

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