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Kingsbridge Footbridge in Ridgewood Now in Limbo

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photo courtesy of Suzanne Ruane

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, according to resident Suzanne Ruane even though it is only a block from the proposed sports complex at Schedler Park the Kingsbridge footbridge sits  in limbo, creating a dangerous situation for pedestrians and residents.  Begging the question once again is why does Ridgewood have and engineering department ?

In a FOOTBRIDGE UPDATE – 4/27/2023 on Facebook 

Suzanne Ruane wrote , “The new Village Council has put repairing the Kingsbridge footbridge in limbo.
Earlier this week, I reached Rep. Josh Gottheimer’s office regarding the footbridge in a very detailed email, where I attended pictures as well as a Ho-Ho-Kus police report when a minor was in an accident taking an alternative dangerous route because the footbridge was closed. Rep. Gottheimer’s office asked me to file an official complaint and they are beginning to investigate why it’s taken so long to repair the footbridge.
I suggest all residents who are concerned about the footbridge to also contact Rep. Gottheimer’s office. His email is His Fair Lawn office is investigating the failure to fix the footbridge and the number is (201) 389-1100.
Thank You!!”

6 thoughts on “Kingsbridge Footbridge in Ridgewood Now in Limbo

  1. i doubt the “village engineer” is really and engineer

  2. He’s the smartest man in three states. Remember that one.


  3. The lack of a footbridge splits the part of Ridgewood on the other side of Rt 17 N in half. Children who have friends who live “across the footbridge” must be driven to see them. It is bad enough that they must be driven to see friends who live near Hawes but the ones who live on the same side of the highway should, and always was, be a walkable distance.

  4. I think it’s terrible Vag & Wino went back in time to neglect this bridge.

  5. The manager has been fooled. She put way too much trust into directors. That’s her fault. It’s time for all new.

  6. I’m not going to give up the person who said can’t we get rid of the bridge do we really need it? We could save over $1 million . What happens it pours into the brook,

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