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Labor Day has arrived and with it comes the unofficial end of summer and the back-to -school routine.


there is no substitute for hard work, Thomas Edison

Labor Day has arrived and with it comes the unofficial end of summer and the back-to -school routine.

A Labor Day Message from Bergen County Executive Kathleen A. Donovan

For those who enjoy summer, you have my sympathy on its imminent demise; for those who enjoy the brisk fall weather and football games, I share your anticipation. For the children who are going back to school, all I can say is that I am sure your parents are thrilled that you will be continuing your education.

But before we close the book on Summer 2013, I want to pay to honor to the real meaning of Labor Day – which is to recognize the struggle of workers who built this nation by the sweat of their brow, their brawn, their creativity and dedication.

I want to honor those who have fought for workplace fairness and the legacy they have left for us. We owe a special debt to the men and women of the union movement, who, for decades, struggled to improve workplace safety, fought for honest wages, and the benefits that we all take for granted.

Worker activists in the U.S. began fighting for worker rights and recognition of labor’s value to our nation in the late 1800’s. In 1887 New Jersey became one of the first states to officially recognize a holiday celebrating labor’s contributions. In the middle of the next decade Congress created the first national Labor Day.

Whether you are a card carrying member of a union, or a government or corporate employee — the contribution you are making to your company or organization, and most importantly, to your family, deserves recognition.

Through the last century and into this one, American men and women have led the world in worker productivity and inventiveness. When called upon, as they were in World War II, American workers responded to our nation’s needs.

Today American workers are making quality products that are second to none, and they are leading the way in information age technology products and services.

America’s greatness and its future are found in the men and women who roll up their sleeves every day and do their work with pride and dedication.

Please, enjoy your Labor Day holiday, spend it with family and friends, and recognize the work you do that allows you to live independent lives, contributes to your community, our economy and the future of America.


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