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Last Nights Central Business District Forum at Village Hall


Last Nights Central Business District Forum at Village Hall

july 23,2014

Photos by Boyd Loving






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20 thoughts on “Last Nights Central Business District Forum at Village Hall

  1. A conference to nowhere.

  2. Is it true that John Saraceno said municipal government should not be involved with what he wants to build? Did he say that in NY State, all he does is call the mayor on the phone and tell him what he will be building? That’s the way he wants the process to operate in RIdgewood, he would call Aronsohn and say “I’m constructing over 200 residential units on my property and this is just a heads up for you Paul.” What balls that guy has.

  3. Any recorded comments by visitors that were there? Probably not. They were not part of prearranged speakers list.

  4. No mention of limited shopping days (no Sunday shopping) in Bergen County. Can the Village make exceptions to this requirement legally ?

  5. Will the details of this “self appointed” committee be provided with the other members of the Council?
    Be careful where you are going with this method of “study” by using Village property and without sharing details with other Council Members.

  6. I see the Chamber of Commerce was well resented along with the CBD builders and their attorneys. Well lets see if BIG AL THE DEVELOPERS FRIEND was successfully in put the spin on his , Developers and the Chamber of Commerce vision on how the CBD should look. Welcome to the Canyons of Ridgewood.

  7. More details in North Media story tonight …. check it out.

  8. Thats it #2 all you have to do is contribute to the Mayor’s reelection campaign and provide the Council with free tickets to our Governor’s dinner and you can build anything you want. Screw the resident. Hudson County politics at it finest.

  9. They were RINGERS for BIG AL THE DEVELOPERS FRIEND Dom. Why do you think they were not on the list. Why do you think nothing was recorder or minutes taken. We Dom you supported these three and their vision now live with it.

  10. Al must have been in his glory. His ego is only surpassed by the size of the room this meeting was held in. Welcome to the CAYONS OF RIDGEWOOD.

  11. So let me understand this developers only have to see the Mayor whenever they want to build but the rest of us have to go to the planning board or zoning board when we want to do some alterations to our house. I wonder if the same applies to Valley Hospital. Do they just have to see the Mayor?

  12. The most smug, arrogant, self-satisfied council member since Pfund. Revolting.

  13. All a board the Trolley to the Canyons of Ridgewood.

  14. Another major issue being played out in the shank of summer when many residents are away and missing the opportunity to participate. Some things just never change.

  15. Mr. Saraceno’s attorney publicly insulted those who oppose his client’s project by referring to them with a derogatory name. What class, what an ass.

  16. You know what funny. That some of the same people who spoke up for the over development of Valley Hospital are the same people that spoke at last night meeting in favor of the over development of the CBD.

  17. #16 Not the least bit surprised by that.

  18. just more bull shit from the top bums.

  19. who is they guy in the photo next to the Mayor ?

  20. some bum.

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