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Latest Numbers have Netflix Bleeding Subscribers in US and Canada

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, so much for Netflix and chill. Netflix lost 430,000 subscribers in the US and Canada in the second quarter. It predicted that it would add 3.5 million subscribers in the third quarter, a forecast that was weaker than expected. There are now more than 100 streaming services for consumers to choose from. Netflix is still the largest paid video streaming service, with more than twice the number of subscribers compared to Disney Plus, its closest competitor. It recently hired Mike Verdu, a veteran of the gaming industry, and plans to offer games to subscribers, perhaps they should focus more on the content .

5 thoughts on “Latest Numbers have Netflix Bleeding Subscribers in US and Canada

  1. Their content is cr@p. Anything US-made is dumbed down for teens and filled with leftist propaganda. Foreign-made content is … foreign and not for everyone. I’ve been re-watching 90s and early 2000s movies as there’s nothing decent coming out if commiewood.

  2. I WOKE up and cancelled the leftist dribble.
    I’m also not paying a penny for the Obamas.

  3. I don’t watch it
    I don’t have a subscription.
    I do make a lot of money off of it… buying the dips on panic-end-of-days news.
    I’m still confident (at this time) that there are still a lot of dopes willing to subscribe.

  4. It’s the same business principle as HBO. They have 1-2 pretty good ongoing series which draw people in, but 99% of the remaining content is total garbage.

  5. FOMO also keeps a lot of the youngsters subscribing…

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