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Lawn Watering Violations Persisted in Ridgewood for Months Despite Numerous Public Information Campaigns

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the staff of The Ridgewood Blog
Ridgewood NJ, what is it about Ridgewood Water’s Stage II watering regulations that property owners just don’t seem to get? Yesterday Ridgewood Water called  for a ban on watering lawns . Members of the blog staff had previously observed watering violations on a daily basis. What is wrong with people; can’t they read?

The two most common violations observed by our reporters are:
  1. Failure to observe the “odd-even” regulation. Odd numbered properties may water only on Tuesdays and Saturdays; even numbered properties may water only on Wednesdays and Sundays (no “odd-even” restrictions apply to REGISTERED Smart Controller users). Unless the property owner has a REGISTERED Smart Controller system, no watering is permitted on any Monday, Thursday, or Friday.
  2. Whether you have a REGISTERED Smart Controller of not, automatic sprinkler systems may only be used between the hours of 3AM and 7AM. To repeat, automatic sprinkler systems may only be used between the hours of 3AM and 7AM.
These rules seem simple enough to us. But, we’d love to hear from any of our readers who think otherwise.
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20 thoughts on “Lawn Watering Violations Persisted in Ridgewood for Months Despite Numerous Public Information Campaigns

  1. It could rain for 40 days and 40 nights and it will will be stage II.

  2. RW is a disgrace. Time to sell it to a utility that actually knows what they’re doing. I hope they go to stage 3 and have to answer for their crimes against humanity.

  3. All day, every day, baby! Only time I’m not sprinklering is when I’m blowering.

  4. Those rules are for the little people.

  5. Ridgewood Water is so Screwed up. Taste terrible

    1. Since we buy extra ‘surface water’ which taste like chlorine, why not buy more. We seem to be the ONLY town unable to allow residents to water their lawns on an annual basis. Time to hire some competent managers

  6. And it’s awful for your skin and body. What a difference when you shower elsewhere.

    Ridgewood water is totally disgusting

  7. Ridgewood water needs to build storage tanks.

  8. In the “Old Days” Ridgewood water was so clean that Pediatricians said it could be used without boiling to make infant’s formula. Since then Ridgewood has encouraged enormous growth without thinking of the water needs of so many new people. However, Ridgewood water already stank before all the new apartments. Thirty four years ago, when our first grandson was born, the Pediatricians were still accepting it. Now it’s bottled water only–and now with the plastics problem–it’s not even safe.

  9. yesterday – in broad daylight – irrigation system on – E, Glen Ave on corner – not too far from FD, Recycling center – majot RT 17 south access road- + 2 schools – plenty of traffic- common maaaan!!!

    1. Yes wait til its nighttime and dark then turn on ur sprinkler
      Better for the lawn as water won’t evaporate in the daytime sun/heat

    2. In broad daylight?! I don’t want to throw around words like eco-terrorism but such flagrant disregard for the safety of the community needs to be addressed by force of law if necessary.

  10. This is the consequence of the limited vision pro development council members possess when they vote for significant population increases. New apartments and new people will use more resources. Seems ok if the infrastructure can bear the strain of higher utilization and if the goods and services are paid for fairly. If this is not the case, a poorly managed operation will show its warts. Our water’s quality is poor and we may not have enough to protect the Village from fire risks. I think that the number one obligation of our elected officials is to secure the safety for those they represent. This is their failure and the annoyance it presents to us should be remembered at the next election.

  11. It’s pretty simple.
    You violate the restrictions your water gets shut off.

    1. Exactly. First violation, your water. Second, your electric. Third? Don’t even try it.

      1. 4th they take ur house

    2. that will never happen
      and neither will not watering my lawn
      plush and green

  12. Who is policing it?? Nobody

    1. just wondering how often the ‘report watering’ email is monitored?
      Hopefully better than the useless pothole app of year ago

      1. Maybe we need to deputize some concerned citizens with snazzy name like the “Sprinkler Snitches” or something like that.

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