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Layoffs make Headlines but Companies have Been on a Hiring Spree


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, While Amazon, Salesforce and other giants across technology and finance have combined to fire tens of thousands of workers, small and medium-size US businesses have been on a hiring spree. So much so that, according to new data, overall hiring far exceeded expectations in December while applications for jobless benefits fell to a three-month low.

Regardless of the inflation we have felt the current recession will be more of a rolling recession hitting certain sectors at certain times and perhaps aiding other sectors . We pulled an interesting quote from Jason Furman, who spent eight years as a top economic adviser to Barack Obama(yes you heard that right)  and now teaches at Harvard’s Kennedy School.  Jason commented in a interview ,

Gusto  Payroll Service

“If you want to predict how tight the labor market is, the two best things to look at are the rate of workers quitting and the number of job openings. Those indicators looked like they were getting looser through the summer, but they’ve flatlined since then. You can tell all the stories you want about individual companies or sectors. But as long as workers are quitting, businesses have a lot of openings…”

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