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Leaning Forward, MSNBC Loses Ground to Rival CNN


gee I wonder why the rating suck??

Leaning Forward, MSNBC Loses Ground to Rival CNN


Rachel Maddow, the biggest star on the MSNBC cable network, just posted her lowest quarterly ratings results ever.

“Morning Joe,” MSNBC’s signature morning program, scored its second-lowest quarterly ratings, reaching an average of just 87,000 viewers in the key news demographic group.

And “Ronan Farrow Daily,” the network’s heavily promoted new afternoon show, which stars a 26-year-old Rhodes Scholar with a high-profile Hollywood lineage, has been largely a dud.

Though it has mostly happened quietly, which may be a comment on the cable network’s larger status in the media landscape, MSNBC has seen its ratings hit one of the deepest skids in its history, with the recently completed third quarter of 2014 generating some record lows.

Phil Griffin, the president of MSNBC, acknowledged that his network had been struggling, but put it in the context of the overall drop in cable news. “This has been a tough year all around,” he said. “All three cable news channels are drawing a smaller combined audience than they were five years ago.” He also emphasized that despite the plunge that caused it to trail CNN in the last quarter, the network remained ahead of CNN for the full year.

In the past, MSNBC’s ratings have typically fallen during times of intensely followed major news events. The current period is awash in them, with stories like ISIS and Ebola commanding a high degree of international reporting. This plays well to CNN’s strengths.

2 thoughts on “Leaning Forward, MSNBC Loses Ground to Rival CNN

  1. The only person there missing is our REV AL.

  2. I, too, laugh at MSNBC’s ratings. However, don’t disregard the power of these seemingly low numbers of people who follow their nonsense. They absolutely rule the comments sections of the online news and blog sites with their anti-business, anti-military, and pro-conspiracy stance. I’m convinced that few of them actually work based upon their whacky beliefs and total lack of understanding of how real humans go about their lives. But, they are incredibly powerful and in this age of the Internet and having a collective voice, they cannot be dismissed as the nutters that they are.

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