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>Leave Graydon alone.



I grew up in Ridgewood and have seen many changes take place. I have heard people say that the water in Graydon is dirty. The water dept tests the water on a continuous basis and has been doing it for years. First off, is Graydon a pool or a pond? I believe it to be a pond or a small lake. A swimming pool is artificially built.

Graydon was a small pond the was willed to the Vets Field by Mr Graydon along with the Village Hall building and Vets Field. People want to cement it. Why? I have heard numerous reasons and none of them carry any credence. Graydon has been the way it is for 100 years and it should be kept that way for at least another 100 years. People from all around love Graydon for what it is not for what it could be.

Leave Graydon alone. Keep it as it should be. A natural pond feed by Aquifiers, not a artificial cement hole in the ground filled with chlorinated water. If people want Graydon to be cememnted, will they also want all the other swimming places in the area to cemented? One more item. I noticed almost everyone posting here has decided to use anonymous instead of using their name. Interesting to say the least.

Rolf H

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