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Let Us Resolve to be Good Neighbors in 2017

CBD Ridgewood by ArtChick

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December 31,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood Nj, Doug Bunza, a 22-year-old village resident who set up a go fund me page to help when his favorite Pizza place La Bella Pizza when it burned down. Doug’s actions inspired us to call for 2017 to be the year of the neighbor and a return to neighborliness.

While disagreements and passion are sure to remain strong in the Village we hope 2017 will usher in a new found respect to neighborliness. A simple smile and a “good morning” at the train station are all it would take. Ridgewood like most of the USA suffers often from a disease know as “the rules only apply to everyone else” syndrome.  This “holier than thou” attitude has brought public discourse to a close. So for 2017 let’s all try to treat people with respect, the same respect we all feel we are entitled too, however you can be sure there are those in town who will continue to feel smug in their own superiorness and for them the Ridgewood blog will be here to remind them that manners are not an option but a necessity in a civilized society.

5 thoughts on “Let Us Resolve to be Good Neighbors in 2017

  1. Why hasn’t that joint opened back up?

  2. Why hasn’t that joint opened back up?

  3. Good posting!!

  4. I can tell you this. My next door neighbor is a great guy on Sunday. We would talk, share a joke and go on about taking care of our lawns etc. On Monday he would walk right past me at the train station without even nodding, like he doesn’t even know me. I have tried justifying it a couple of times but can’t accept it anymore. This guy talks to me whenever he feels like. Meanwhile other neighbors who by the way are of immigrant descent never forget to say good morning or good night. There is something wrong with the “american” mindset if there is such thing. It costs nothing to recognize your neighbor, to nod or say a greeting. Wake up and be a human instead of a robot.

    1. it called “Liberalism”

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