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Lets Put Reading Back in the Forefront of Public Education

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, according to Tom Corley, an accountant and financial planner, who surveyed 233 wealthy individuals, mostly self-made millionaires, on their daily habits. He compared those answers to responses from 128 lower-earning individuals, or those with less than $35,000 in annual gross income.

In his best-selling book “Change Your Habits, Change Your Life,” Corley explains that wealthy people set themselves up for success in a few specific ways. Here are the habits they have in common: a whopping 88 percent of Corley’s wealthy respondents say they devote 30 minutes or more each day to education or self-improvement through reading.

Most do not read for entertainment; they prefer biographies, history, and self-help books.If you enjoy a good novel, that can help you too. Science shows that reading for pleasure can also boost your career. And Corley’s point holds for many kinds of narratives. “There are important life lessons to be learned in biographies of people with rags-to-riches stories,” he writes.

Legendary investor and self-made billionaire Warren Buffett says that reading has been the most crucial habit he’s developed. If you’re looking to pick up a new book, check out the business classics Buffett and other leaders love.

Since there are a lot of people making demands for a new curriculum  in the school system ,the Ridgewood Blog has a simple suggestion to better educate children as well as parents . If there is something universally noticeable about much of the social unrest and protests  it is the unabashed ignorance of the protesters and their complete lack of knowledge and perspective . Public education has clearly failed our children and the simplest course of action  is more reading.
The Ridgewood blog suggests that all children in Ridgewood , or anytown should be required to read one book a month from say 5th grade for the entire time they are enrolled in the school system . Parents should also meet the same requirement.  You would be able to choose your own books, and  educators, parents , librarians , outside groups ,clubs and peers could all create reading lists . It would be mandatory to graduate .
Other advantages are :Mental Stimulation , Stress Reduction , Knowledge, Vocabulary Expansion, Memory Improvement. Stronger Analytical Thinking Skills, Improved Focus and Concentration,  Better Writing Skills, Tranquility ,Free Entertainment  and of course  no batteries.

2 thoughts on “Lets Put Reading Back in the Forefront of Public Education

  1. this is a great Idea PJ

  2. Yes it’s very important. I always tell my kids find something that you’re Interest you, it makes the book fun.

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