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Licensing fee for those owning “potentially dangerous” dogs raised to $700


Licensing fee for those owning “potentially dangerous” dogs raised to $700
Friday, February 15, 2013
The Record

RIDGEWOOD — The Village Council this week unanimously approved an ordinance increasing the licensing fee for those owning “potentially dangerous” dogs.

The ordinance — voted on during Wednesday night’s meeting — increases the fee for dogs deemed “potentially dangerous” by a Municipal Court to $700. The new law does not specify breeds.

Currently, the lowest annual fee for a dog license is $18, and it maxes out at $75 for a three-year license.

Before the matter went to a final vote, several animal advocates and professionals from around the area spoke in support of the formation of a new committee in Ridgewood, charged with promoting responsible pet ownership.

4 thoughts on “Licensing fee for those owning “potentially dangerous” dogs raised to $700

  1. So how is the Health department going to determine which animal(s) are considered dangerous?

  2. Come take a walk with my and my gentle dog. Every dog behind an invisible fenced yard runs up to the border, with teeth bared, growling, ready to attack.
    Also, the little wimp sized terriers and shelties in the homes try to jump thru their windows while barking and growling. Its very sad to see. These people should not own dogs.

  3. Sad? these animals are protecting their homes. Just because they are barking and growling like crazy, does not mean they are vicious dogs.

  4. My dog is very dangerous. She has often has gas that could clear the entire Village of Ridgewood! Other than that, her bark is her only defense.

    If someone is walking their dog off leash (which, by the way, is against the law here in Ridgewood) those dogs are going to be curious when they come upon another dog. A dog behind a fence doesn’t know whether that dog is friend or foe, so it barks to protect it’s home.

    I wouldn’t say people who walk their dogs off leash shouldn’t own dogs, but they should be respectful of their neighbors and the law.

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