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Lifestyle Expert Amanda Sanders Shares Style Tips for Going Back to the Office

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By Amanda Sanders

Ridgewood NJ, as comfort and ease dominated fashion during the pandemic, many are left wondering how to dress in a post-covid world. Amanda Sanders, Celebrity Stylist, Fashion Consultant, and Lifestyle Expert at, shares her top fashion and styling tips on how to make the transition from casual to back to the office attire.

Invest in some feel-good outfits. If you find yourself with a few extra pounds post pandemic, you are not alone, in fact, a majority of adults reported experiencing weight changes since the start of the pandemic. With fashion being an expression of creativity, it is now time to style outfits that allows your personality to shine, and wear fitted clothing that is more flattering to all body types.

Create Your Own Capsule Collection. While many spent the last year at home wearing pajamas and loungewear, making the switch from sweatpants to pants might be a source of stress for some. Investing in classic items that won’t go out of style and can be worn for multiple occasions, both in and out of house can add versatility to any wardrobe. Luckily, there’s no need to jump straight into stiff pencil skirts and thick, sweat-inducing button-downs. Super-chic yet deceptively comfortable pieces such as a button up or cardigan can ease the transition from WFH to the office.

Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have. Whether companies are reverting to the office full-time or implementing a hybrid model, dress codes may become slightly more formal as people feel proud to get dressed and return to the office! Getting dressed up in real work clothes may be a foreign concept for many rights now but have fun and dress like you’re going someplace later by investing in tailored garments like a body suit to add a pep in your step as you return to office life.

Don’t pay attention to trends. Clothes that incorporate style and versatility will be more common and there will be less emphasis on trends and fast fashion. Although over-sized clothes are in right now, they can tend to look sloppy with the excess fabric, so opt for a classic belt to cinch the waist and appear smaller, or a fitted jacket that can be worn year-round and is the perfect transition piece from the office to happy hour.
Take Care of Clothes. With the warmer weather, you are prone to more sweat and body odor that no one wants to experience. Toss dirty clothes in the wash and use ARM & HAMMER Odor Blasters, Fresh Burst for a deep clean, this detergent attacks tough odors at its core and is specifically formulated for body odor, sweat, and musty-towel odors.

Work with a personal stylist or shopper. Getting professional advice can help you get out of your comfort zone and find things that are more flattering for any body type! Personalized fashion and styling tips can help build confidence and make you feel more comfortable to dress for yourself.

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  1. A low neckline, a sexy hairdo, and a lot of jewelry and makeup along with a come-hither look are highly appropriate in an office setting.

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