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>Light Gate : The Battle goes on

>Light Gate : The Battle goes on

Wow, nice attempt at stirring things up. It might work better if you had some facts straight. “Under the table aggreements” for field lighting and improvements to Village and BOE properties” and “Side deals with the BOE appear to have been struck without the consent of the Village Council or parents” are at best stretches of the truth and pretty much out right mis-information but facts have never gotten in the way of stirring emotions on this blog. (And by the way since when does the BOE need “the consent” Village Council?)

Did Councilwoman Walsh really use the term; “under the table agreements or is that your inflammatory spin?” If she did I would assume she could be at risk as the agreements and discussions about that agreement are all part of the public record of open meetings of the BOE. This topic has been beaten to a pulp and the facts are that the BOE and the sports groups in open public meetings discussed and came to an agreement to fund the purchase of the lights. The BOE discussed it in open meetings and voted to accept the funds in an open public meeting. For decades sports groups in Ridgewood have paid to upgrade facilities for both BOE and Village. This is not something new.

Over the last few months the Fields Committee which has both a BOE Member and a Village Council Member on the Committee has worked on the new lighting policy. The new policy which the BOE passed on Monday night was tweaked many times to address a lot of the concerns expressed by neighbors, potential users, parents, etc… I don’t know if it is pefect, I don’t know if it is the best policy for everyone but it is a good start and I’m sure future issues will arise and they will have to be dealt with. However, the reality is the lights are going to be on later for 1 hour a few nights a week during very defined periods of time during the year and that doesn’t seem like a big deal to me.

There is a process to this whole thing and a lot of assumptions have been made before the process has even been completed. The lights on Stevens haven’t even been turned on yet. It’s only been six months and PSE&G still doesn’t have the lights at RHS or Stevens connected. Let’s get the lights turned on, correctly aimed, see how the new policy works and if changes have to be made, we’ll make them. But let’s stop the hysteria generation with poorly written, inaccurate postings which do nothing to help solve the issue.

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