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Ridgewood NJ, Among all the national championships, the English Premier League is the strongest; this season it witnesses the intense battle for the title. Manchester City, the current title holder, is fighting against Liverpool for the first place.

Both teams demonstrate bright and attacking football, thanks to which they managed to give an impressive start to the Premier League. At some point, the Reds managed to break away from their main pursuer by 7 points, but the defeat in the in-person match again revived the champion’s intrigue. And now it is revived with a new force.

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However, despite this local failure, Liverpool managed to keep the first position in the standings and has every chance to win gold medals for the first time in 29 years. Here you can find the latest results from the world of various championships. The information here is 100% true.

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Liverpools Success Factors in Championship Race

Both teams are in excellent shape, so anything can happen in the long tournament distance. However, since there will be no in-person matches for them, confrontations with weaker rivals come out on top. In this situation, the team of Jurgen Klopp has recently managed to improve themselves noticeably, which may be one of their trump cards. Also, the advantages of the Reds include:

  1. Lack of workload in cup tournaments (except for the Champions League). While the City plays in the Cup of England and the League, Liverpool’s athletes get additional time for rest. This helps them to better tune in for the upcoming matches and get the best result.
  2. Good lineup. During the summer, Liverpool strengthened its lines significantly, and all newcomers fitted into the team well. Thanks to this, the team game has become noticeably more balanced. Klopp also received more opportunities for rotation.
  3. Progress of leaders. Just over the past year, many Reds players have reached a qualitatively new level. Thanks to this, the team managed to take the first place in the standings. Shaqiri, Van Dyke, Mane and many others have ceased to be just promising athletes and have become real stars of world football.

Of course, it will be extremely difficult to keep the top position, but the team has everything necessary to finally realize the fans’ dream and win gold medals. We’ll see if Klopp’s squad succeeds in doing this this season, or if in May Manchester City will again be higher in the standings.

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