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Logic questioned on eliminating traffic lane


Logic questioned on eliminating traffic lane

MAY 23, 2014    LAST UPDATED: FRIDAY, MAY 23, 2014, 1:58 PM

Logic questioned on eliminating traffic lane
David Slomin

To the editor:As a resident involved in the efforts to limit excessive apartment density increases pushed upon us by overzealous developers, I planned to write a letter of kudos to Ridgewood’s citizens for their great turnout and overwhelming vote of solidarity to Save Our Village in last week’s election. But then something came up.

I was made aware, only on the eve of construction, that Ridgewood was permanently closing lanes under the Franklin Avenue underpass, limiting traffic to one lane each way, while adding a dangerous bike lane.

While I thoroughly applaud efforts to improve safety, I question the logic and process by which this was approved. No clear notice or information was provided to residents and nobody reached out for input. Ridgewood’s website ignores it. Furthermore, while I’m told Engineering did careful reviews of this location, no village-wide traffic study was done to see how this might impact neighboring streets. And … this is right where they are proposing rezoning for more than 100 apartments!

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4 thoughts on “Logic questioned on eliminating traffic lane

  1. Looking at the above link to the project, all right turning traffic will have to cut the bike lanes to turn? Also, bike traffic with be in the middle of the road at the traffic light? Very strange plan and as a bike rider I”m hesitant believing this will increase safety with lane shifting during blind corners & dark underpass.

  2. Doesn’t this invalidate all the traffic studies made by the developers of these new buildings, especially the one at the Ken Smith site?

  3. As if there isn’t already enough of a traffic back up at those lights, especially during the morning rush to the train. Who’s brilliant idea was this?

  4. Really bad idea to add the bike lane and eliminate the ability for cars to form two lanes for the right turn (in either direction). Just don’t get why this wasn’t presented to the area residents who will be impacted the most.

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