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Lost in Space: NASA Delays Boeing’s Starliner Return Indefinitely After Helium Leaks and Thruster Issues

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NASA officials announced on Friday that the return of Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft has been delayed indefinitely as engineers review data from its recent flight to the International Space Station (ISS). During the mission, the spacecraft experienced several issues, including small helium leaks and problems with five of its 28 thrusters when docking with the station in early June.

Despite these setbacks, this mission marked Boeing’s first successful crewed launch of the Starliner. However, the journey to this point has been fraught with delays and challenges. Notably, the first crewed mission was canceled in June 2023 after inspectors discovered flammable tape aboard the spacecraft. Additionally, the current mission was postponed by a month due to a faulty relief valve.

Under the same NASA contract awarded in 2014, SpaceX has been transporting astronauts to the ISS since 2020. Unlike Boeing’s Starliner, SpaceX’s vehicle has successfully carried out multiple missions and is rated to stay in outer space for up to 45 days—a period that began on June 6 for the current mission.

As engineers continue to analyze the data and address the technical issues, NASA and Boeing are working closely to ensure the Starliner’s safe return and future reliability. The delays highlight the complexities and challenges of space travel, but also underscore the importance of rigorous testing and safety measures in the pursuit of advancing human space exploration.


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5 thoughts on “Lost in Space: NASA Delays Boeing’s Starliner Return Indefinitely After Helium Leaks and Thruster Issues

  1. This has been fraught with errors and problems from the beginning, kind of like Schedler. Like Schedler, it should be canceled and forgotten about. Spend the money on something with a higher priority, like a reliable supply of WATER for the Village

  2. Boeing, Aerojet and NASA, supervised by the Federal Government.
    What could possibly go wrong?

  3. What a waste of taxpayer $$! This contract to Boeing is all about payoffs and corruption!

    1. …and DEI

  4. The village is so lost in n j.

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