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Love GIF Emojis! Here’s How to Make Them

Animated GIF emojis are fast replacing static ones. Not surprised, are you? Moving images capture people’s attention. Learn how to make your own GIFs here.

Did you know that GIFs are already 33 years old?

Steve Wilhite created GIFs back in 1987, and he shared them as a new way to present moving pictures. Now, over 80% of internet traffic is visual.

GIFs are a good way to promote brands and give them more personality. They’re also a great way to get attention on social media and have fun interacting with friends and family.

It’s quite easy to make GIF emojis, either with mobile or computers. But first, read on to understand more about what a GIF is.

What Is a GIF?

Graphics Interchange Format or GIF was originally designed for graphical presentations. When people think of GIFs, they think of animated images used for entertainment and sent as reactions in a conversation. 

GIFs are animated by combining several images or frames into one file. They loop continuously and don’t need anyone to replay them. They’re so popular that they appear on most social media sites like Facebook, Tumblr, and Reddit.

It’s well known that GIFs are popular on social media currently and now you have known how to make favorite GIFs. Do you want to capture the most fantastic and attractive essence of them? You can upload the artwork of the GIFs to online design system and make some customized pins with what you want to express. If you own a company, these pins can work as promotional gifts to promote your brand and gain more popularity. If you are a designer or just an individual, bring what you use on social media into face-to-face communication through the emojis custom pins on your lapels, clothes, hats, or bags. It’s a cool way to show your personality, isn’t it?


Unlike the JPEG format, GIF has lossless compression that doesn’t degrade the quality of the images. However, GIFs have a higher file size than MP4 because of this.

Let’s get started with making our GIFs.

Make GIF Emojis Using Videos

Applications like Photoshop and Gimp have features that allow you to make short video files and still pictures, and then string them together in an emoji GIF. There are also many sites like Spark where you can make animated stickers for free.

You can also create GIFs out of YouTube videos. Head over to Giphy and add any URL from Vimeo and YouTube for a quick conversation.

Don’t know how to use Photoshop to make GIFs?

Start by loading up your video by going to “File” and then to “Import,” where you’ll find “Video frames to layers.” Under windows, pick “Timeline” and choose “Create Frame Animation.”

In the top right of the Timeline panel, click the hamburger menu and pick “Make frames to layers.” When you export your GIF, choose “Save for Web (Legacy)” and pick “GIF 128 Ditchered” and you’re done.

Make GIFs Using Still Images

When using still images, the steps are similar. The only difference is the first step.

Go to the File menu. Go to “Stacks” and pick “Load Files,” where you can browse and choose the pictures you plan to turn into GIFs.

Create a Screencast GIF

There are programs like GIPHY capture, LiceCap, and GifCam that enable you to turn your on-screen activity into a GIF.

Launch your screen recording GIF software and you can enlarge the area you want to record. These programs allow you to customize the loop type, pixel size, and frame rate of your recording. 

Make GIFs on Your Phone

You can make GIFs on the go with your camera feature or download apps like Giphy and Motion Stills. Simply launch the apps and tap the photo button to take burst photos. You can add filters and stickers or text to your emoji GIFs.

Create Your Emoji GIFs Now

It’s that easy! With plenty of apps and programs that offer the ability to create your emoji GIF, you can easily try it out for yourself.

Start making your GIF emojis and share them online! Start having fun with your friends and family.

But it doesn’t stop here. If you want more guides like this, check out our other posts for more helpful tips.

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